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PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

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Softer than silk, this lightweight quilt is warm at the same time. This PrimeSoft™ down alternative comforter is the softest slumber ideal for your all-year comfort. Can't help snuggling into it every time you feel the gentle touch. The best comforter for noiseless sleep.

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  • Elegant style
  • The delicate quilted stitching detail adds the elements of grace and elegance to your bedding décor.
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • All materials are cruelty-free, great for those living a vegan lifestyle.

Measurements & Dimensions

Twin Size: 68 " x 90 " | Full Size: 90 " x 90 " | King Size: 106 " x 90 " 
Fill Weight
Twin Size: 31 oz | Full Size: 41 oz | King Size: 48 oz 

Materials & Construction

  • The plush and breathable knitted polyester fabric renders a smooth, silk-like texture.
  • Filled with 100% sustainable hypoallergenic microfibers and feel as soft and comfortable as down.
  • This comforter features a sewn-through construction that works to restrict any possibilities of stuffing leakage, lump formation, and fill shifting.

Care Instructions

Gentle machine wash bedding comforter sets in cold water and tumble dry thoroughly with low heat. 

Eco-Friendly & Certification

  • 100% pesticide free

  • 50% less chemical fertilizer usage than cotton

  • 27% less water consumption than cotton

  • 100% OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

  • 100% anti-Allergy

Outstanding In Softeness & Coziness

Outstanding in softeness & coziness

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Silky-soft PrimeSoft™ Fabric

The fabric with unique knitting technique reduces 18% of the friction against skin, resulting in incredibly smooth and soft touch. 

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Superior Temperature Control

Breathable PrimeSoft™ fabric creates enough space for air circulation inside, which helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. 

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Moisture-Wicking Fibers

The fabric wicks away sweat instantly , which keeps the finish dry and provides a comfortable sleeping environment to wake up feeling fresh.

Irresistible Cuddling Comfort

Crafted with anti-pilling shell and 100% premium 3D filling, PrimeSoft™ comforter delivers comfortable, temperature-controlled sleep no matter the season, bringing the next-level comfort that you can't help snuggling into!

Less Weight, More Comfort

Weight calibration and premium fiber allow you to feel no pressure upon your body. The upgraded breathability of this soft lightweight comforter gives you enough snuggle, without feeling heavy or bulky.

Noiseless & Uninterrupted Sleep

PrimeSoft™ fabric makes absolutely no noise no matter how you turn over, ensuring a noiseless and blissful sleep from bedtime to waking up.

Easy on Our Planet

Only responsibly sourced renewable or recyclable materials are used. All products you buy at PeaceNest can be returned to us at the end of their lifespans for recycling.

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High-Performance & Hypoallergenic PrimeSoft™ Fabric

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means it is ant-imite and antibacterial, ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

  • Loose Yarn Structure

    Fibers are twisted or clustered unevenly, resulting the fabirc pill or lint easily.

  • compact yarn Structure

    Compact fiber structure offers a high level of uniformity and strength, making the fabirc do not pill or lint easily.

  • Short fibers

    Continuous assembly of overlapping hairier fibers make the fabirc coarse to touch.

  • Selected long fibers

    Long, continuous fibers are the basics to make silky, glossy fabirc surface.

We’ve Got More To Match Your Needs.

We’ve Got More To Match Your Needs.

Why You Need the Cooling Comforter?

Years of iteration and specialized equipment helped us bring out the best in material science to create the Evercool™ performance fabric.

What we do for earth

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Recycled Materials

From the sourcing, designing, packaging and shipping, we developed strict standards and principles to guide us through this process.

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PeaceNest Sustainability Project

We're dedicated to design eco-friendly bedding to lull your body and mind into complete peace without harming our planet. 

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We ensure that our beddings possess OEKO-TEX® certification, which is a globally recognized certification for textile products. 

What We Do For Earth.

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