Our Mission

We are committed to providing eco-friendly products and service to bring you a more comfortable and peaceful nest for everyday life, at the same time to build a more sustainable future.

Eco-Friendly & Responsible Bedding Sourcing

As we develop our business, we assess materials as comprehensively as possible, for example in terms of climate footprint, water use, biodiversity impacts, land use and human rights impacts.

What we've been insisting on


We will try to ensure that we have a positive impact by regenerating resources and protecting ecosystems.

Sourcing standards

We will continue to ensure and develop responsible sourcing standards for each product.

Positive impact

We will try to ensure that we have a positive impact by regenerating resources and protecting ecosystems.

Recyclable & Sustainable Beddings

We want to encourage and help people to live healthier and more sustainable lives through our products.

We design our products through the lens of longevity and circularity to reduce our environmental impact.

In this way, we can convey the concept of circular and sustainable consumption to our customers.

PeaceNest - Make a Circular Business

We're Trying to Make A Circular Business

There is a growing awareness of humanity's impact on the planet. It shapes the value people place on what they own, what they care about, and how they make purchasing decisions.

No one wants to waste, but people struggle with how to maintain, repair and ultimately pass on what they consider still valuable.

In order to ensure that all products can be reused and eventually recycled, we have developed circular product design principles to guide us through this process. All products you buy at PeaceNest can be returned to us at the end of their lifespans for recycling.

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Phone: (909) 930-9920

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Please describe the details about your PeaceNest product for us to determine whether recycle it or not.

Lull your body and mind into complete peace with eco-friendly beddings.

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