HyperSupport® Memory Foam Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

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The HyperSupport® Memory Foam Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow is the perfect solution for relieving muscle tension and lumbar discomfort. Its 3D full wrap design allows for a customized fit, while its Memory Foam provides comfort and support. Enjoy improved posture and comfort while sitting and driving with this PeaceNest cushion set.

  • Help reduce lower back pain;
  • Signature ergonomic shape with pressure-relieving cut out;
  • High density HyperSupport® memory foam;
  • Washable cover, anti-slip bottom.

Help with:

  • Reduce back pain;
  • Back and spine support;
  • Posture correction;
  • Lower back ache;
  • Driving back pain relief.

· Help reduce lower back pain:
PeaceNest's seat cushion has been ergonomically designed to help take pressure off of user’s lower back or tailbone and offers orthopedic tailbone pain relief while sitting. This cushion promotes healthy posture and proper spinal alignment.
· Signature ergonomic shape with pressure-relieving cut out:
The cut-out center and contoured surface remove pressure from the coccyx to ensure the tailbone hovers over the surface of the seat, thereby alleviating any discomfort caused by sitting for extended periods.
· High density HyperSupport® memory foam
This cushion is made from a high-quality memory foam to offer comfort and to help relieve back pain and tailbone pain. This cushion can support up to 275 lbs. And is ideal for office chairs, wheelchairs, airplanes, or for use in a car. Great for short and long trips.
· Washable cover, anti-slip bottom:
This cushion features a zippered, removable cover that is completely machine washable to make cleaning easier. The cover also features a non-slip, rubber bottom to ensure the cushion will stay firmly positioned in a seat.
· Elastic strap
The elastic strap of our lumbar pillow keeps it in place, so you can work without distractions.


· Seat Cushion Size: 17" x 15" x 4"
· Seat Cushion Weight: 1.82lb
Lumbar Pillow Size: 16" x 14" x 6"
Lumbar Pillow Weight: 1.7lb

Materials & Care

Type: Seat Cushion
Coverage Wash: Removable and Washable
Filling: Memory Foam
Coverage Material: Polyester / Cotton

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Memory Foam Seat Cushion

HyperSupport® Memory Foam Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

$64.99 $68.99

Recycled Materials

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Zero Pollution



1.7x Slower Rebounding Time

With 3x higher density and 1.7x slower rebounding time, this cushion for back pain is to provide you with both support and comfort. Pressure points are alleviated as the memory foam adapts to your curves, provides superior comfort and helps with muscle fatigue.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design gently cradles your buttocks and the back of your upper thighs with its curved surface, evenly distributing weight and promoting proper posture and spinal alignment. Curved to match the natural shape of your spine, it adapts to and hugs your back where needed most.

Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

Not only for car seat, but this seat cushion is also suitable for various seats on most occasions, office chair, desk chair at home, airplane seat, outdoor or wheelchairs.

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