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Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter
Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter

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Your new sherpa comforter obession. Comfy and soft. Instantly warms you up. Snuggle up in pure comfort with PeaceNest Sherpa Comforter , offering exceptional warmth during the cooler seasons and nights.

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  • Comfortable Fabric
This comforter is covered with velvet fabric on one side, and lamb velvet on the other side, filled with 3D microfiber,
bringing you the soft, comfortable, and reversible warmth while helping you immerse yourself in deep relaxation.
  • Unique Design
The sherpa comforter is designed as stylish box stitching to keep the filling from sliding, clustering, and ensures the filling spread over the entire surface of the comforter, which makes the loftiest comforter a tailored appearance.

Measurements & Dimensions

  • Queen Size: Comforter: 90" x 90" | Pillow Case: 20" x 26"
  • King Size: Comforter: 104" x 90" | Pillow Case: 20" x 36"
Fill Weight
  • Queen Size: 37.4 oz | King Size: 43.3 oz 
  • Pillow Sham, Comforter, Fitted Sheet

Materials & Construction

  • The silky smooth and luxuriously soft touch due to 220GSM sherpa on one side and 250GSM fluffy shaggy velvet on the other.
  • Capillary-like structured fibers make the 3D microfiber filling extremely high-performance. It is the pinnacle of all microfibers due to its warmth-trapping ability.
  • Luxury box stitching assures even fill distribution, making it have 50% longer life expectancy than other comforters. It is also incredibly resistant to wearing, pilling and fading!

Care Instructions

Gentle machine wash bedding comforter sets in cold water and tumble dry thoroughly with low heat. 

Eco-Friendly & Certification

  • 100% Pesticide free

  • 0 Chemical fertilizer usage

  • 27% Less water consumption than cotton

  • 100% OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

Do You Sleep Cold In Winter?

Wake up shivering.

Feeling cold is uncomfortable, and constantly waking up feeling cold can lead to health problems.

Get muscle cramps & soreness.

The overuse of the muscles brought by feeling cold during sleep causes higher possibility of muscle cramps.

Wake up a lot during sleep.

Can not sleep well because of being cold. Shallow sleep makes you feel more exhausted.

Fingers, toes/feet etc being cold or numb. 

Can not fall asleep or can not stop shivering.

Take too long to make bed warm.

It is hard to make the bed warm because of the comforter materials.

Feel tired because of lack of quality sleep. 

Too busy shivering or waking up during the night to get enough sleep.

This Warm Comforter Fits Your Needs, Perfectly.

Do You Sleep Cold in Winter?

· Wake up shivering.

· Get Muscle Cramps & Soreness.

· Wake Up A Lot During Sleep.

· Fingers, Toes/Feet Etc Being Cold Or Numb.

· Take Too Long To Make Bed Warm.

· Feel Tired Because Of Lack Of Quality Sleep. 

This Warm Comforter Fits Your Needs, Perfectly.

  Set Ease in Bed.

Stay seriously comfy and warm from night to morning.

Lightweight, breathable thermal sherpa comforter ensures a comfy, warm cover. Layer up the wintery vibes with an elegant and puffer velvety sherpa comforter.

Certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 , which ensures its textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

The plushest, warmest, softest sherpa comforter yet.


Chemical fertilizer usage


Pesticide free


Less water consumption

The plushest, warmest, softest sherpa comforter yet.

Outstanding In Performance.

Outstanding in Performance.

Want The Whole Place Visible?
Instant Warming Up 3-Layer Construction

The middle chamber helps equalize the temperature surrounding your body up to 50% faster, and the 3 layers create warm air circulation inside, so you never sleep with cold feet.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Suede-like Velvet Side

Suede-like velvet fabric on one side, offering luxuriously soft feel that makes you feel like sinking into a cloud. The moisture-wicking velvet produces a dry yet warm sleeping environment. 

Catch them in the act

Warmth-trapping Fibers

Clusters of ultra plush fibers trap the warmth like no other, and the capillary-like fibers structure prevents the heat from escaping, offering a warm and temperature regulated sleeping environment all night long.

Your New Sherpa Comforter Obession.

Lightweight yet Warmer

The breathable and warmth-trpping poly fiber fill provides enough warmth, with the minimal pressure to conserve snugness, achieving the best balance of weight and thermal regulation possible.

Switch it Up As You Like

Exquisite soft velvet fabric on one side and sherpa on the reverse offers buttery soft touch and allows you to switch it up depending on your mood.

Noiseless & Uninterrupted Sleep

Plush sherpa fabric makes absolutely no noise no matter how you turn over, ensuring a noiseless and blissful sleep from bedtime to waking up.

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We’ve Got More To Match Your Needs.

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We’ve Got More To Match Your Needs.

Why You Need the Cooling Comforter?

Years of iteration and specialized equipment helped us bring out the best in material science to create the Evercool™ performance fabric.

What we do for earth.

Want The Whole Place Visible?

Recycled Materials

From the sourcing, designing, packaging and shipping, we developed strict standards and principles to guide us through this process.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

PeaceNest Sustainability Project

We're dedicated to design eco-friendly bedding to lull your body and mind into complete peace without harming our planet. 

Catch them in the act


We ensure that our beddings possess OEKO-TEX® certification, which is a globally recognized certification for textile products. 

What We Do For Earth.

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