Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows

Pillows are an essential component of your bedding spaces that play an important role in catering to a peaceful and undisturbed sleeping experience. When picking up a new pair of pillows for your bedding arrangement, it becomes necessary to look through some crucial aspects. You can start with deciding on the pillow fabrication material. Entering the interior décor market, there are a variety of natural and synthetically crafted fabrics to choose from. While a lot depends on specific user preferences, bringing home a set of natural and organic bed pillows is always a smart choice.

Defining the class, organic pillows are the ones that use naturally available and environment friendly materials all through the fabrication process. This strictly adheres to the fact that the outer shell as well as the pillow stuffing has been crafted out of natural elements. Coming to the material alternatives, options like, cotton, bamboo and wool are best for designing pillow covers. As of the pillow stuffing, cotton stands at the top priority. There are however, other filling choices, such as, natural latex, buckwheat, down and alike feathers, etc., that are considered as organic pillow stuffing.

The pillow fabrication is termed organic if it uses a single or a combination of the aforesaid products in the construction process. For instance, the pillow alternatives having latex filling under a cotton or bamboo based outer shell is completely organic. With progressive research and scientific developments, the synthetic counterparts of these organic substances have secured a good spot in the interior décor market. You should therefore, be enough careful while making a purchase, making sure that the pillows you get home are naturally organic.

Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Organic bed pillows 

1. Common Types of Pillows

The home furnishing markets of today are stuffed with a wholesome range of fabric alternatives, claiming their pillows render maximum comfort. In line with the same, you are presented with a heap of choices to make the best pick. Discussing along the line, let us have a look at some of the commonly available pillow classifications, in what follows next:

Down Pillows

This class of pillows is regarded to be the softest among all the commonly used material alternatives. The underlying reason is obviously, the light and soft feathers were taken from the underside of a goose or duck that form the fabric of down pillows. Coming in a spherical design, these animal fibers form fluffy clusters to render the maximum comfort. Including a down pillow in your bedding spaces is synonymous with a cuddling and cozy sleeping experience that gives you the feel of resting on a cloud.

Moving ahead, these pillows extend usage durability that can be counted upon. The down feathers have a natural tendency to retain or bounce back to their elementary 3-dimensional shape. This property renders a sturdy surface that does not easily flatten or collapse. You can thus, enjoy the comfort of resting on these feathery pillows for years to come. Adding to the advantage is the high end insulation offered by down pillows. Owing to the characteristic, these pillows can be warm and breathable at the same time.

Micorbeads Pillows

The category of Microbead pillows is known to house minute polystyrene beads in the pillow filling. These are soft and spongy alternatives for your bedding spaces, rendering high quality comfort with an everlasting night’s rest. Often referred to as ‘Snow Beads’, the polystyrene particles are better understood as smaller versions of bean bag filling. The outer shell of Microbead pillows is mostly fabricated out of stretchy materials, like nylon Lycra or spandex.

Such a fabric aids the beaded filling in shifting enough to be in line with the sleeper’s specific body shape. The convenient moldability of Microbead pillows is credited with rendering enough support to your body, especially the neck and cervical regions. The commonly observed downside of supportive pillows is the triggering of pressure points, which may cause pain and discomfort in the upper body areas. The aforesaid distress is conveniently eliminated by Microbead pillows.

These pillows are in fact highly beneficial in alleviating the issues of pain in the neck and back, so much so that they are often medically advised to be used by such sufferers. They also form a part of post-surgery sleeping essentials. Being extremely hypoallergenic and thermally resistant, these are a good option for hot and sensitive skin sleepers. The ability to maintain a requisite airflow makes these pillows conveniently breathable.

Buckwheat Pillows

Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Buckwheat Pillows

This one is a Japanese pillow alternative that is referred to as Sobakawa in the native language. Being the traditional head supports used in the country, these pillows come with outer shells that are stuffed with buckwheat seeds. Such pillows tend to bounce up when compressed, while providing a requisite firmness that keeps your body in the correct posture. They also extend proper contouring support to your neck and head, while maintaining the perfect conformity with the shape and curvature of your body.

Buckwheat pillows assure you of a comforting sleep by easing out the strain and tension encountered by your spinal column. These pillows are additionally, a welcome boon for the victims of snoring and chronic pains. In the special case of sleep apnea, sleeping on a buckwheat pillow can make sure you have the correct posture. This helps to keep the air passage open, thus allowing a better airflow all through the night.

2. Three Common Types of Organic Pillows

Now that you are aware of the general classification of pillows, the next point of concern is the fabrication style and materials. Paying attention to these is quite necessary to enjoy a healthy and peaceful sleep, considering the fact that sleep and health go hand in hand. Owing to the same, using pillows crafted from natural and organic materials assumes great importance. Discussing along the line, let us see through some of the commonly available variants of organic pillows in what follows next:

Organic Cotton Pillows

This class of organic pillows is fabricated with the organically synthesized cotton material that comes with a 100% pure fabric quality. It should be noted here that organic cotton is one which is cultivated without the addition of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, or any other kind of chemical fertilizers. The aforesaid chemicals are known to destroy the natural fibers of the cotton plant.

Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Cotton bed pillows 

The organic cotton material renders these pillow alternatives with a series of health and sleeping benefits. Being naturally hypoallergenic and moisture absorbent, the organic cotton bed pillows assure you of the maximum sleeping comfort, ahead of allergies and sweat. The cotton fabric keeps the skin-pillow contact surface breathable and ventilated, and the soft texture is ready to cuddle you in a cozy slumber.

Organic Wool Pillows

This is another type of organic pillow that is best known for its hypoallergenic characteristics. The naturally available wool fabric is inherently resistant to dust, mildew, molds and other allergy causing agents. You are therefore, facilitated with a skin-friendly and infection free surface to rest upon. The wool based pillows are additionally, regarded as the best flame retardants, and hence are a safe bedding material.

Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Wool pillows

Organic wool pillows are naturally thermo-regulating, keeping the contact surface cool as well as warm according to your specific sleeping needs. These pillows further rank high on the durability scale and can last considerably longer than many other pillow alternatives. Also, organic wool is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and is obtained by shearing sheep, without harming the animals.

Natural Latex Pillows

The third class of organic pillows is those crafted from naturally available latex that has 97% material in its purest form. Extracted from the trunk fibers of the rubber plant, the material is completely eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. The latex foam of these pillows provides enough support and comfort, without making you feel like sinking into the surface. The pillow fabrication process is devoid of any harmful chemicals to render a healthy sleeping surface.

These pillows are durable and extremely supportive to release strain off your spine and upper body parts, along with eliminating the pressure points. You can hence, pick these pillows for a pain-free and undisturbed sleep in any posture you like. The thermo-regulating latex foam works to keep your body at an ideal temperature, ahead of the surrounding fluctuations. These pillow fabrics are easy to wash and maintain.

3. Benefits of Organic Bed Pillows

Talking of the extensive credibility of organic pillows, these head support alternatives cater to a series of health and environmental benefits to count upon. Crafted from the naturally available materials that undergo an organic synthesis, these pillows are far better choices for your sleeping spaces, in comparison to the synthetic alternatives. Let us move ahead with looking through some of the common benefits of organic pillows in what follows next:


Benefits Of Organic Bed Pillows Compared To Regular Pillows-Eco-friendly

Fabricated from all the naturally available materials, organic pillows are greatly benefiting the environment. Due to the absence of chemicals in the material growth and synthesis, these pillows are conveniently biodegradable. Using them is therefore, completely safe for the environment.


Organic pillows are manufactured from naturally growing plant fibers that do not require chemical supplements for affordable development. Owing to the fact, these pillows inherit the property of being naturally hypoallergenic from their fabrication materials. The pillow surfaces are thus, resistant to dust mites, molds and other infectious micro-organisms.


Sleeping on an organic pillow is beneficial for your health in line of the fact that these head supports cater soft and plush feel that is supportive and comforting. The moldable surface of these pillows conforms to the shape and curvature of your body, keeping it in the correct posture as you sleep. These pillows are extremely efficient in maintaining the perfect spinal alignment and alleviating pains.


Then naturally available fabrication materials of these pillows make them conveniently recyclable and reusable. In case these organic bedding accessories lose their bounce, or turn flat, you can use their fillings to repurpose alternatives. The stuffing is a good filler material for dog beds, outdoor chairs and a lot of similar items.

4. Conclusion

Organic bed pillows are a wholesome bedding accessory to fill in your home and bedroom interiors with the essence of natural comfort. Considering the fact that sleeping habits play an important role in determining your overall health, choosing a supportive and comfortable pillow becomes quite essential. Organic pillows are crafted from the naturally available plant and animal fibers and have some of the most striking advantages over their synthetic counterparts.

The soft and breathable fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, along with being thermo-regulating and flame resistant. Catering the maximum support to your body, such pillows maintain the spinal column in perfect alignment with your head, neck and upper back. Sleeping on these pillows hence, keeps you away from pains, allergies, snoring and the allied sleeping discomforts. Consider bringing them home to sleep amid the comforting feel of nature!

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