Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow For Allergies

Allergies are an annoyance that proves to be a cause of distress in daily routine. While most allergies are seasonal and temporary, there are a few that tend to make a permanent stay. Being a victim of either of the above, you may face a series of problems in carrying out even the most customary activities of daily life, such as sleeping. But have you ever connected your pillows to the allergies? Well, there are some people recommend that hypoallergenic bamboo pillow actually is a wise option in the bedding market. Allergies of the nose or throat may induce a breathing difficulty, while those of the skin may cause rashes and blemishes. Putting everything together, you may end up having a night of disturbed and incomplete sleep, leaving you fatigued and lethargic throughout the day.

Talking of the reasons for being allergic to one or the other things, there can be a diversity of answers. Better with focusing on sources, the reasons would rather be helpful in looking through solutions. Most skin allergies are microbial and may result from dust mites, dirt, molds etc., which host in your bedroom interior and bedding accessories. Moving ahead in the line, your regular pillow may be allowing the allergic bacteria and microbes to thrive upon, ahead of your knowledge and realization.

Pillows may often house a variety of allergens by trapping dust mites and molds from the outer environment, or absorbing them through body fluids. The common effects of such microbial allergies are sneezing, coughing, throat infections and runny nose, among others. Moving ahead, some of the pillow fabrics and fillings may also prove allergic to people with sensitive skin. Such allergies tend to cause skin and eye redness, rashes etc., leading to irritation and itchiness that eventually wakes you up amid your sleep. If you keep on noticing such inconveniences, it is perhaps the right time for switching to a new pillow.

1.How Can Pillows Cause Allergies?

Whether or not you notice the fact, the bedding spaces you crawl into rest at night have a lot to do with your health and well being. In the light of the same, it becomes important to select them with consideration and keep them in good shape. As already stated, pillows are an essential bedding utility along with being your snuggling headrest for comfortable sleep; they should be given proper care to avoid undesired experiences of disturbed sleep that leaves you awake throughout the night.

Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow For Allergies-How Can Pillows Cause Allergies?

As far as the fact of allergic pillows is concerned, this is primarily the consequence of a possible accumulation of allergens like dust mites, dirt and molds on the pillow surface. Adding to the list of reasons, the pillow surface rends to absorb body fluids with long-term and consistent usage, resulting in an oddly smelling space that suits best for microbial dwelling. A lot also depends upon the fabrication of the pillowcases and inside stuffing. This aspect becomes alarming for those having sensitive skin or problems with specific types of fabrics.

In the light of the above, it is of great significance to select your pillows with the utmost care, while keeping them in an affordable condition through regular hygiene and periodic replacement.  If you have started encountering one or the other discomforts in your sleep of late, perhaps it is the perfect time to bring home a new set of pillows for your bedding arrangement.

2.How Bamboo Pillows Avoid Allergies?

When looking forward to replacing your old pillow set with a classy and hygienic bolster alternative, the interior décor market has limitless choices to pick from. Ranging from synthetic to polyester, and cotton to silk, there are endless varieties to watch out. If however, you are centered on bringing nature home to combat the allergens and mites, going for pair of bamboo pillows can be an intelligent choice to complement your bedding spaces with a classic and natural essence that works perfectly to curb the activities of allergy-inducing agents.

Crafted with the most natural, organically processed bamboo fibers, these pillows are woven into a shredded memory foam filling. The two elements work in absolute union to cater the most comfortable and cozy sleeping experience. Moving ahead to the concern of possessing anti-allergic properties, bamboo pillows have a series of characteristics to cut down the growth and thriving of microbes and bacteria on the pillow surface. Some of the major benefits of these bolsters in line with the allergy constraints are discussed below:

(1) Bamboo Fabric is Naturally Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow For Allergies-Bamboo Fabric is Naturally Hypoallergenic

Many people may have the concern that are bamboo pillows hypoallergenic? As explained above, bamboo pillows are fabricated with naturally occurring fiber extracts that undergo organic processing. Such fibers are known to possess natural hypoallergenic characteristics that allow them to keep dust mites and molds from thriving on the pillow surface. Resisting the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria, these pillows prevent allergies and infection from such agents, while simultaneously warding off the unpleasant smells that result from fungal growth.

(2) Bamboo Pillows are Conveniently Washable

Bamboo pillows generally come to you as a shredded memory foam pillow with a removable bamboo fabric cover. Both the materials are easy to wash and maintain, requiring the slightest effort. While the removable covers are friendly to a gentle machine wash cycle in a mild detergent solution in warm water, the pillows need a quick hand squeeze in the same. As far as drying these bedding utilities is concerned; a natural air drying under the sun works fine.

Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow For Allergies-Bamboo Pillows are Conveniently Washable

A periodic wash once a week is sufficient to keep the bamboo pillows in a good condition, while simultaneously preventing the attack of microbial and allergy-causing agents on the skin and pillow contact surface.

(3) Bamboo Pillows Have a Dense Memory Foam Filling

The bamboo pillow stuffing comprises of high density, shredded memory foam filling, which renders an almost impermeable surface for micro-organisms and allergens to penetrate through. Such a filling is well suited even for sleepers with sensitive skin types on account of being greatly resistant to dust mites and molds. The dense and stranded organization of the filling material makes it quite difficult for the tiny microscopic creatures to survive for longer periods.

(4) Bamboo Pillows Have Moisture-Wicking Characteristics

The natural bamboo fibers of these pillows come with inbuilt moisture-wicking characteristics that do not allow the absorption of sweat and other body fluids through the pillow surface. This in turn, greatly cuts down on the dwelling and growth of moisture-thriving bacteria and microbes on the pillow-skin contact region. The restriction eventually prevents bad odors and air-borne allergies to creep in, while keeping the surface cool and fresh. Such properties are additionally helpful in case, you are a victim to both, skin as well as sleep sensitiveness.

3.Other Advantages of Bamboo Pillows

When looking through the benefits of bamboo pillows, there are a series of advantages additional to the ones listed above. Apart from the hypoallergenic benefits, these bolsters come with a natural appeal that complements your bedding spaces and home interiors with elegance and freshness. Catering an aesthetic feel to your bedding arrangement, bamboo pillows are a smart way to land into a deep and comforting slumber, ahead of the worries and stress of a tiring and packed-up schedule throughout the day.

Listed below are some of the most welcoming and irresistible advantages of using a bamboo pillow as your sleeping accessory:

(1) Bamboo Pillows are Eco-Friendly

Manufactured from naturally occurring and organically processed bamboo fibers, these pillows have a close connection with the environment, catering to the most natural feel and finish. If you land among the category of environmentally conscious sleepers, bamboo pillows are a perfect match for your bedding arrangements. Compared to the customary pillow fabrics that are rendered harmful for the environment, the bamboo head supports tend to keep the atmosphere of your bedroom affordably cool with their thermo-regulating properties. In other words, these are a boon for those who tend  to sleep hot.

(2) Bamboo Pillows Have a Breathable Material

Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow For Allergies-Bamboo Pillows Have a Breathable Material

The shredded memory foam filling of bamboo pillows makes them extremely lightweight and breathable. In comparison to the traditional pillow alternatives, the bamboo-based pillow covers offer a high porosity, which works to increase the flow of air, allowing more oxygen to come in.  This in turn works to neutralize the temperature fluctuations, while letting you enjoy a cozy and comfy sleep in a cooled-up  environment. The shredded memory foam further aids to provide the most relaxing and inviting feel, welcoming you to snuggle in and doze off.

(3) Bamboo Pillows HaveMany Health Benefits

Relieving Neck and Back Pain

It is a well-known fact that sleeping habits and postures have a lot to do with your physical and mental well-being. Considering the significance of the fact, you should pay enough attention to the arrangement and accessories of your sleeping spaces. When the talk is about comfortable and healthy bedding utilities, bamboo pillows stand out from the crowd with their excellent health benefiting properties. Ahead of being the elements of style and elegance for your bedroom interiors, bamboo headrests are greatly helpful in keeping some potential health distresses under control.

Sleeping on a bamboo pillow works to provide enough support to your upper body, that is, the head, neck and shoulders. The latter further ensures a perfect alignment of the same with your spine, thus maintaining your body in the correct posture while you enjoy an uninterrupted and deep slumber. These pillows tend to adjust according to your specific sleeping needs by aligning with the shape of the body. Such an adjustment caters complete support to the entire physique, which is additionally advantageous in reducing issues of back and neck pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain in the back or neck, using a bamboo pillow can cause considerable relief with regular usage. It is not possible to ignore the fact that such physical issues may also result from the stress and anxiety odd and hectic routines and work preferences. Speaking along the line, lying on a bamboo pillow makes you feel fresh and comfortable, thus warding off the mental stress and strain; which in turn relaxes the physical discomfort.

Reducing the Snoring Discomfort

Talking of additional health discomforts of sleeping, the annoyance of snoring is a major issue. Other than disturbed and noisy sleep, snoring can be a potential alarm to a much more pronounced health problem. When looking through effective solutions to contain the distress, paying attention to your bedding accessories, especially pillows can be quite helpful.

Apart from the back and neck pain distresses, bamboo pillows work affordably to cut down the snory displeasure. These pillows are designed to keep your head in a raised posture, thus preventing the tongue to fall back in the tissue lining within the throat airways. As a result, the air paths get expanded, facilitating an increased quantity of oxygen inside the throat, which eventually aids to bring down the noisy discomfort.


In today’s wary lifestyles and contaminated surroundings, it is a common encounter to have seasonal and temporary allergies to dust, molds and bad odor. While such sensitiveness often hampers the regular activities of daily life, a greater discomfort is caused during a night’s rest. Among the various causes of such allergies you may look for, there are chances that the real culprit lays in your bedding arrangement. This affordably corresponds to using a customary pillow that invites dust mites, molds and other allergenic micro-organisms to thrive upon.

When looking forward to replacing your traditional pillows, hypoallergenic bamboo bolsters are a great choice to curb allergen breeding. The naturally processed bamboo fibers offer excellent resistance to dust mites and molds, while the shredded memory foam filling turns impermeable to bacteria and microbes. These pillows have an additional tendency to wick away moisture from the pillow surface and also prevent the latter’s absorption through body fluids. This property is again, supportive of not allowing the moisture thriving allergens to dwell on the pillow-skin contact surface. Fabricated from natural fabrics, these pillows are extremely safe for sleepers who are suffering from skin sensitiveness.

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