Your Bed Pillow Sizes Guide

1. Standard, Queen, King, Oversized Size Pillows for Bed and More

Bedding accessories form an important part of your regular lifestyle, in the light of the fact that they are your relaxing utilities at night to ward off the wariness of a tiring and stressed out day. Selecting the regular bed pillows is therefore, a task that should be performed with utmost care and concern to ensure the maximum comfort and relaxation as you lie down to sleep. Discussing along the line, purchasing a pair of pillows for your bedding spaces is often times a casual and visibly ignored aspect in terms of essential requisites. You may have heard about many sizes of bed pillows, such as standard bed pillows, oversized pillows for bed, large pillows for bed, queen size bed pillows or king size bed pillows, but how big are they exactly and what is the difference?

Pillows however, are a significant part of your sleeping spaces, and hence should be picked up with caution. Mentioning the foremost priority; pillow size bags in great importance due to a series of factors. Starting with the first, pillows are designed in line with the size of your mattress, establishing the fact that a specific bolster size corresponds to a particular bedding space. While this conformity is essential to cater to the maximum sleeping comfort, the second reason deals with the diverse sleeping preferences of users, giving them a variety of choices to pick the most comfortable option.

2. Pillow Dimensions: Size Chart

As stated above, size of regular bed pillow is a genuine concern before bringing home a pair of new head supports for your bedding arrangement. Talking of the same, there are a few standard bolster sizes that you can consider when looking for what size pillow for full bed is perfect. Let us have a look at each one of them in some detail in what follows next:

Pillow Size Chart



Super Standard




Pillow Size

20” x 26”

20” x 28”

20” x 30”

20” x 36”

20” x 54”


(1) Standard Bed Pillow Size

What size is a standard bed pillow? Among all the available pillow sizes, this one is the commonest alternative. The reason is that the latter fits in well with almost any mattress size. Coming in the size specifications of 20 inches x 26 inches, standard bed pillows are a perfect match for twin sized bedding spaces. Providing a comfortable accommodation for an adult and a child, these pillows extend maximum support and spinal alignment in such cases.

A pair of these pillows works well for double or Queen sized bedding space. The optimum length of standard bed pillow provides the maximum comfort to single position sleepers, who prefer to lay on their back, side or stomach all through the night. As for the combination sleepers, a larger pillow would be more comfortable.

Your Bed Pillow Sizes Guide-Standard Bed Pillow Size

(2) Super Standard Pillow Size

Talking of the aforesaid pillow size category, the latter is nothing but a special kind of standard sized pillows that have come with a 2 inch extra-long length. The size specification of super standard pillows is hence, 20 inches x 28 inches.

Falling amid the small Standard and the large Queen pillow sizes, these are a perfect bolster alternative for sleepers on a twin sized bed with single usage. If however, you wish to include a pair of super standard pillows in your bedding spaces, a queen sized mattress would be the best option to incorporate them.

(3) Queen Pillow Size

Are you wondering what size pillows for queen bed are suitable? The third category of pillow dimensions is the Queen bed pillows that comes with 4 inches extra length in comparison to the standard sized pillows. Expanding across a size specification of 20 inches x 30 inches, the pillows for queen bed suit best on a twin sized bedding when used on a single count.

A pair of these pillows however, fits conveniently well with a Queen as well as King sized bed, along with providing enough space in between. The Queen sized head supports are a feasible option for combination sleepers, who tend to change their sleeping postures while turning around the bed, all through the night.

(4) King Pillow Size

Having a 6 inches longer length than that of a Queen sized pillow, the King bolsters come in a 20 inches x 36 inches dimension. These are the best choices for moving sleepers who have a tendency to toss and turn all through the night. The full length bed pillow puts forward an ample surface area to move around the bedding space.

The King pillows provide enough support to your upper back, as you choose to lie down or sit on the bed. For people who find body pillows a bit longer, King sized bolsters are a perfect match for their specific comfort requirements. While a single, King sized pillow or full bed pillow size best complements a full or twin sized bedding space, a pair of the same looks great on a King or Queen sized mattress.

(5) Body Pillow Size

These are by far, the largest sized pillow alternatives with dimensional specifications of 20 inches x 54 inches. These bedding accessories will suit you best if you are a side sleeper, since body pillows extend enough support to your legs and back. Designed to cater full body support in general, these pillows fit along the length of your bedding space, ahead of the latter’s width, unlike the other size options.

Your Bed Pillow Sizes Guide-Body Pillow Size

Body pillows are a feasible sleeping utility for pregnant women, who need light support on their back while laying down to rest, mostly in the side sleeping position. If however, you prefer a back or stomach sleeping posture, the lumbar, a special type of extra large bed pillows may best conform to your needs.

(6) Pillow Case Sizes

Pillowcases are the outer fabric shells that enclose the pillow within to keep it safe and durable, while protecting them against spills, stains and allied damages. A good pillow cover is one that is a perfect fit for your bolster without letting the pillow fall out and renders affordable breathability to the skin-pillow contact surface. Now that you are aware of the significance of specific pillow sizes in line with the exact sleeping preferences, the second thing that bears equal importance is the size of the pillowcases.

In line with the pillow and mattress size, pillowcases too have a specific parameter of dimensions to choose from. As a general aspect, pillow cases should conform to the pillow size, but practically there may be a one-for-two regime. For instance, the standard sized pillow cases are a good choice to hold standard and queen sized pillows. Likewise, queen sized pillowcases are often suitable for king as well as queen sized pillows.

Coming to the king sized pillow covers, these are specifically designed to fit in king pillows, considering the fact that they would be extra-long for a standard or queen sized bolsters. The last category happens to be body pillowcases, which specifically hold in a body pillow. While most of the time you may get the covers along with the body pillows, however, there may be some cases where a separate purchase is required in line with the pillow type and size.

Pillowcase Size Chart

  1. Classification


    Super Standard





    Length: 26”Width: 20”

    Length: 28”Width: 20”

    Length: 30”Width: 20”

    Length: 36”Width: 20”

    Length: 54”Width: 20”

3. Tips of Buying a Pillow Case

There are some specifications that you should keep in mind when out to buy a pillowcase for your bolster. For instance, you must take special notice of the size specifications, and being well aware of and when to buy a small or large pillowcase. Adhering to the constraints will cater to a comfortable sleeping experience, while overlooking the same may leave you tossing and turning in bed, devoid of any sleep.

Moving ahead with our discussion, let us have a look at some useful tips to purchase the perfect pillowcase for your bolsters, in what follows next:

(1) Fabric Comes First

Your Bed Pillow Sizes Guide-Fabric Comes First

Fabrics are the key elements that determine the durability and comfort catered to by your pillow surface. In the light of these two factors, the best pillowcase fabrics are those which come with the maximum softness to take you on a cozy slumber ride. As of the materialization, pillow covers may be crafted out of natural as well as synthetic materials. While the natural ones offer a great deal of longevity and comfort, the synthetic ones may be soft and silky, but with lesser comfort.

(2) Size Has an Equal Importance

Dressing your large white pillows for bed or oversized white pillows for bed in a perfectly fitting pillowcase can often be a tricky task, owing to the fact that there is enough diversity of sizes and preferences. A wise top in this regard would be to have a clear idea of your pillow size. A general guideline however, suggests bringing in a set of standard sized covers for your queen and standard pillows, and a pair of queen sized cases for a queen and king pillow. A king sized pillow cover is however, crafted to house king sized pillows only.

(3) Take Care of the Thread Count

Taking a note of the thread count helps you to determine the quality of the pillowcase fabric. You can understand this by considering the fact that the value of a material’s thread count decides whether a fabric is fine or coarse. A higher value of thread count indicates a premium and better quality fabrication material.

(4) Look for Closing Options

You can choose between getting a sham and a pillowcase for your bolsters in line with your sleeping preferences. As for the fabrication difference, pillow shams are a European style enclosure that is finished on the sides and come with an extra layer of fabric surrounding the edges. Shams are generally seen with a back opening. Pillowcases, on the contrary, have an envelope style opening without any extra fabric.

(5) Finish Matters

Make sure that you pick up a high quality and neatly stitched fabric that will not have an easy fall out. This is important to ensure the longevity and durability of the pillowcase over prolonged and consistent usage, in line with the regular maintenance routines.

4. Conclusion

Bedding accessories should always be selected with utmost care to ensure maximum sleeping comfort, in line with durability and style. When looking forward to bringing home a pair of large white bed pillows for your bedding arrangement, pay special attention to the regular bed pillow size. While sleeping on an undersized pillow can cause physical discomfort, picking a bigger alternative may not be a perfect fit for your sleeping space.

Ahead of the pillow size, the dimensions, fabric and finish of the pillowcases hold equal importance. Pay requisite attention to these while making a purchase of the same. After all, it’s about your sleep and a wholesome combination of the two is essential for maximum comfort.

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