How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer

Over time, even the stiffest mattresses will lose support. However, if you don't want to spend the money on a new mattress right now, a mattress pad to make bed firmer may be helpful. Are you having trouble sleeping on a bed that is not supportive enough? Perhaps you're having trouble getting a decent night's sleep since your bed isn't up to par. A sagging or broken mattress might keep you awake at night because it makes it difficult to find a relaxing and comfortable position. So, how can you firm up a drooping mattress? There are ways to make your mattress firmer, so don't worry!

As mattresses are used over time and their components lose strength, they might soften and sag. While this drop in support is a strong clue that it's time to rebuild your mattress, replacing your bed may not be possible right now. There are several techniques to firm up a mattress so that it feels comfortable and supportive. The firmness of your mattress is determined by two factors: your preferred sleeping posture and your body weight. You'll be considerably less likely to buy a mattress that's either fluffy or too firm if you buy with these two factors in mind.

You may require a pad to make the mattress firmer for a variety of reasons. It's possible that your bed came a little softer as intended. The doctor may have advised you to rest on a firmer bed if you have a back problem or are experiencing back pain. Perhaps your roommate has moved in and required a firmer mattress. Whatever the case may be, we're here to assist.

5 Best Mattress Pads to make bed firmer

A mattress pad is a simple and economical solution to change the texture of your sleeping surface without having to replace your entire mattress. The majorities of alternatives are 3 - 4 inches deep and can enhance the sleep surface to softer or stiffer. The best mattress pad for the firm mattress is discussed below.

We'll help you limit your choices by showcasing top products and discussing what to search for in a mattress pad.

1.PeaceNest Eco-Friendly Down Alternative Quilted Mattress Pad

Price: $ 79.90

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-PeaceNest Eco-Friendly Down Alternative Quilted Mattress Pad


  • This mattress pad helps add great comfort to your bed
  • It is completely machine-wash and dry
  • It can fit up to 18-inches deep mattress
  • Quilted design with 3-layer construction provides cloud-like comfort for a restful sleep experience

Customer review

"I like the deep pocket design because it makes this quilted mattress pad such perfectly fit to my mattress. "

2.Serta® Luxury Firm Comfort Queen Mattress Pad

Price: $ 95.99

 How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Serta® Luxury Firm Comfort Queen Mattress Pad


  • With stain-release technology, this mattress pad to make bed firmer greatly absorbs liquid, and prolongs the mattress life
  • Comes with antimicrobial so that any microorganisms can be prevented
  • 300 thread count and can fit a mattress up to 15 inches deep
  • Completely machine wash and gives luxurious comfort as well as extra support

Customer Reviews:

"Good quality firm mattress pad. Adds a little firmness if mattress is too soft.”

“This Serra Luxury Firm Mattress pad has a zipper all around the pad so if needed it can just be unzipped and put in the washing machine. Very happy with it."

3.Sleep Philosophy Reversible King Mattress Pad

Price: $ 50.39

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Sleep Philosophy Reversible King Mattress Pad


  • For the best of both worlds, this mattress pad to soften firm mattress boasts a unique feature of making you warm and cold as per the needs
  • It comes with completely breathable cotton material
  • It is anti-bacterial and gives comfort for all seasons

Customer Reviews:

"Mattress pad is very nice. However, the elastic straps that hold the pad onto the mattress were way too short & I had a regular size mattress. So I had to sew longer elastic straps on myself. Not satisfied with that."

"I truly love this! It’s exactly what I wanted, at a great price point."

4.Home Luxury Plush Twin Mattress Pad

Price: $ 114.99

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Home Luxury Plush Twin Mattress Pad


  • With a 2-inches gusset, it brings a great shape for the people
  • Home Luxury Plus mattress pad to increase firmness is great whether you are a hot or cold sleeper
  • It is stain resistant and comes with a 30-day warranty

Customer Reviews:

"Great quality! The only complaint I have is that the elastic won’t stay on the corners of the bed to hold it in place!"

"I really like this mattress pad, very soft and comfy. My only thing I don't like is straps to hold it on. It just doesn't seem to want to stay on the bed. If I would have realized it had the straps instead of being like a fitted sheet I would have looked for something different. My mattress is really heavy and thick and getting them to go under far enough to not come off is a struggle for me. All in all, I really like it , just wish I would have paid more attention."

5.eLuxury Supply® Rayon Made From Bamboo Extra Thick California King Mattress Pad in White

Price: $ 164.99

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-eLuxury Supply® Rayon Made From Bamboo Extra Thick California King Mattress Pad in White


  • With an extra layer of cushioning, it is a great mattress pad to firm up the mattress
  • You can greatly feel plush because of its plush polyester fill
  • No shifting irritability because of double stitching of this pad

Customer Reviews:

"I bought this pad to provide softer padding on top of a firm mattress. It is a thick, plush pad and provided the extra cushioning I was looking for. But it is not a topper, it does not bounce back. After using it for a few months now, the sides slept on are flatter but still puffy in the middle where it is unused. Makes the bed when made look like it dips on both sides. I love the bamboo fabric, but would I buy it again? Not sure, I’d have to explore options."

"This mattress pad is very thick and plush, like another layer of cushioning on top of your existing mattress. This is what we wanted as our new mattress was a little hard and needed more padding. It works excellent and we are extremely satisfied with it."

What is the Right Firmness For You

Side Sleepers: Choose a softer one

The softest mattresses are required for side sleepers. Within the mattress range of approximately 6, you may rest on your side and receive significant pressure alleviation. This is because the pressure is diverted to the shoulder and concentrated on a smaller surface due to the uncomfortable sleeping position.

Back And Stomach Sleepers: Choose a firmer one

Those who sleep on their stomachs normally need a firmness of 5 to 7. This is primarily because they would need appropriate contouring and a small amount of sinkage to suit the condition that their stomach is beneath their primary weight. This is critical. Mattresses that are either soft or too firm will not give you the essential support. The back sleeper's mattress pad that makes the bed firmer has fewer requirements in terms of hardness, which is why they are so adaptable. You can sleep soundly on such a mattress with a firmness of 4 to 8, and you'll get the support you need. This is something you should take into consideration.

Why You Need A Firm Bed

The firmness of the mattress is just as crucial as its thickness when it comes to having a good night's sleep. A too-soft mattress pad for a firm mattress can lead the spine to bend and the body to sink, resulting in soreness and poor sleep experience. A mattress that is too firm, on the other hand, might cause shoulder, spinal, and joint stiffness and pain. As a result, it's critical to choose a mattress firmness that's neither too soft nor too hard but just perfect. Another element to consider when attempting to firm up your mattress is its thickness. A thicker mattress will provide significant support by being less likely to slump.

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Why You Need A Firm Bed

It is important to note, however, that not everyone enjoys a thick mattress. Some people think the mattress is too hard, while others think it is too soft. As a result, while selecting a mattress thickness of mattress pad to firm up the mattress, it's critical to think about your personal preferences. Even so, thickness isn't always a good indicator of sinkage. Increased transition sheets and a sturdy support layer in the foundation of a larger mattress may assist keep you from falling into the bed. Furthermore, since there are more elements to support your weight, a thicker mattress is likely to live longer than that of a thinner one.

Now the question lies, can a mattress pad make a bed firmer?

Why Firmness And Thickness Of A Mattress Are Important

Consider how thick your mattress should be as part of your search for the ideal mattress. Your bedtime comfort is influenced by the depth of your mattress pad to increase firmness. Investing in a thin mattress can lead to premature sagging and poor sleep. Sleepers should choose a bed that is at a minimum of 10–14 inches in diameter. However, certain criteria, such as bone structure and sleeping posture, may necessitate a thicker mattress. Before you buy a new bed, you should understand how the thickness of your mattress is determined. Most mattresses contain two or more layers, each of which is designed to continue providing support to sleepers. Let's take look at the most important layers of every mattress: the comfort layer and the foundation layer.

The Foundation Layer

The basis of your mattress is the base layer, which is typically constructed of poly-foam, rubber, or coiled springs. This layer should account for at least half of the thickness of your mattress. Mattress pads to soften firm mattresses with a thick foundation layer are typically more durable, but those with a thinner base layer are more likely to sag. As an example, if your bed is 14 inches deep, the foundation layer should be 6 - 8 inches deep.

Comfort layer

Some luxury beds include multiple comfort layers to give cooling technology or tailored back support to sleepers. These layers upon layers may increase your mattress's overall depth. They could be as thick as 3 to 4 inches. The majority of mattresses, however, include comfort layers that are 2 to 3 inches thick. The smooth top layer of the mattress pad to add firmness is known as the comfort layer. When you're sleeping, those layers are the nearest to your body and alleviate the weight, hence why they feel so velvety. Comfy layers are made of cotton, wool, or poly-foam and mold to your body's curves. They're also good at separating motion transfer.

How to Make a Mattress Firmer

Mattresses can droop or lose firmness with time, and if purchasing a bigger one isn't in the cards for the time being, you'll need to understand how to build your mattresses firmer with a mattress pad to make firmer and more comfortable. Let's see what we can do to get the bed firm enough just to sustain your body. Until you can purchase a new mattress, the steps listed below could assist you in sleeping soundly at night.

Flip your mattress

One of the simplest ways to firm up your mattress is to flip it. Flip the mattress over every few months so that the opposite edge is facing up. Because some mattresses would be used across both sides, flipping them can be beneficial. Flipping your mattress pad to make the mattress firmer helps to even out the wear and strain on your mattress and keeps it firm. This will help to maintain the weight evenly distributed and prevent the mattress from sagging on one side. Based on how much your bed is used, do this every 6 months or so. You now understand how to repair a sagging mattress.

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Flip your mattress

Use a mattress pad vs. a mattress topper

If you can't get a good night's sleep because of your soft mattress, understand how to create a delicate mattress firmer by putting a hard mattress topper. A topper made of polyurethane or latex might also be used. Pads are typically thinner and filled with rayon or other substances that may not provide the firmness you desire. To achieve the appropriate rigidity, place chipboard underneath the mattress topper instead of a pad. Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials, including hard foam and memory foam. The memory foam mattress topper comes in a variety of hardness, allowing you to choose long-lasting hardness for your bed.

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Use a mattress pad vs. a mattress topper

Replace damaged or worn-out layers

Most mattresses are made up of multiple layers that are held together by a mattress cover. The benefit of having this kind of mattress is that you can replace any surface which is already damaged or broken rather than purchasing a new mattress. Simply open it and retrieve the damaged layer, which will be replaced later. If the bed firming mattress pad is sagging, it's a good idea to double-check the terms of your guarantee. If the damage occurred for a recognized reason, the manufacturer might be able to repair or even replace your bed.

How Does A Mattress Pad to Make Bed Firmer-Replace damaged or worn-out layers

Check and replace box Spring or foundation

Wear and tear might cause the coils in your mattress's box spring to lose their spring. It's possible that the box spring has to be changed if the mattress has decreased its firmness. Because you're going to get a new box spring, it'll give your bed more firmness and height. All these box springs and bases work well as bed bases, giving your mattress the support it needs and improving the overall performance of your bed.

Though they both perform the same function, box coils and foundations are not the same. One bed base supports some mattress types better than the other. You may prefer one over the other based on your mattress type.

Consider your room temperature

The warmth in your room likely has an impact on the kind of mattress you have. When your room is heated, a 100% memory foam mattress, for example, tends to grow softer. The mattress can be made firmer by adjusting the thermostat. You now know how to firm up a memory foam mattress by just changing the temperature. If your bed has a thermal memory foam layer, a cooler environment can help firm it up. Set the room ambient to 60 to 61 degrees on your thermostat. Memory foam relaxes in a warm room and hardens up in a chilly one because it responds to heat.

How to choose the mattress topper to make bed firmer?

The market is flooded with mattress toppers, making it difficult to choose the right one. Certainly, personal view (and even gut instinct) plays a part, but the following are among the most important elements to consider. Assessing the toppers on these criteria will assist you in making an informed decision.


The mattress topper ought to be able to accommodate your requirements. Also, keep in mind that a higher price does not always imply the finest quality for your needs! Choose the most cost-effective mattress topper.

Comfort and softness

If you're looking for softness, comfort, and the mattress to mold to your body; look for reduced memory foam mattress toppers that may be from the memory foam category.

Pain reduction, suppleness, and extra support are all benefits of this product

If you want your topper to meet the above criteria, you should go with a memory foam or rubber topper.

Options for thickness and density

If you're wondering how to get a mattress topper, the depth of the mattress topper seems to be an essential aspect to consider. Mattress toppers come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2 to 8 inches. When you want to reinvigorate an older mattress, since weight is above normal, or usually sleep on your side, thicker alternatives are appropriate. Memory foam and rubber are usually the best choices for heavier toppers.

The heat generated by the human body

Mattress toppers made of memory foam and rubber are typically thick and dense.

Mattress pad vs. mattress topper

Also, keep in mind that a mattress topper is not like a mattress pad. A mattress pad is a single layer that sits on top of the mattress. Its principal use is to safeguard the mattress from spilled liquids. A mattress topper, on the other hand, is significantly thicker and can improve the mattress's cushioning, suppleness, and support.


There are numerous ways to firm up your mattress; if necessary, take action. You can save a lot of bucks by knowing how to cook a soft bed firmer. We hope these pointers assist you in transforming your drooping and soft mattress into a firm and cozy one. You also understand what firmness level to search for if you need a new mattress. If you're thinking about getting a new mattress but aren't sure which firmness is right for you, it's all a matter of personal opinion because everyone sleeps differently. Choose one firmness range of your mattress pad to make the bed more firm which helps you feel the most at ease and supported.

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