Is a Twin Size Mattress Pad Enough for Student Dorm?-The Ultimate Mattress Pad Sizes Guide

A mattress pad is specially designed to lie on top of the mattress. Its main function is to protect the mattress and make it more long-lasting. Externally, it is like a thin mattress that is about 5 – 10 cm thick but serves many purposes such as extending the life of the mattress, making the mattress more comfortable (when it is worn or uncomfortable), making the bed softer, maintaining the temperature of the bed (as per the material of the mattress pad). It is composed of several materials like wool, cotton, memory foam, or latex, which you can choose according to your preference and comfort level. Mattress pads are damn useful for trips as they are easily portable and extremely convenient to carry because of their low density.

Mattress pads are available in multiple sizes from twin size mattress pads to king size mattress pads. Are you confused about which mattress pad you should buy to fit your bed? Here, we have given a complete and detailed guide to help you and clear all your doubts regarding the standard sizes of different mattress pads. Read this article further to get more detailed knowledge about different sizes.

1.Standard Mattress Sizes

Many different mattress sizes are available in the market according to your requirement and preference. Some people might be looking for mattress pads for their growing children, while others might be looking for their master bedroom. The size of the mattress depends on the area coverage and the requirement of the individual. For instance, tall people require XL mattress pads on the other hand healthy people require expanded mattress pads to sleep comfortably.

Is a Twin Size Mattress Pad Enough for Student Dorm?-The Ultimate Mattress Pad Sizes Guide-Standard Mattress Sizes

The below-given table shows the different sizes of mattress pads available in the market along with their size and standard dimensions:

Mattress Name

Width (in inches)

Length (in inches)

Crib Mattress



Small Single Mattress



Twin Mattress



Twin XL Mattress



Full Mattress



Full XL Mattress



Queen Mattress



California Queen Mattress



Olympic Queen Mattress



King Mattress



California King Mattress



Crib Mattress:Experts recommend parents make their babies sleep on firm mattresses and this is why crib mattress pads are designed in a certain way to make a baby sleep comfortably. The standard size of a crib mattress should be at least 52 x 28 x 4 inches to fit in all modern-day cribs.

Is a Twin Size Mattress Pad Enough for Student Dorm?-The Ultimate Mattress Pad Sizes Guide-Crib Mattress

Small Single Size Mattress:Single mattresses are designed for growing children. They are a good choice for single sleepers. As per their size, they are not a good choice for adults. Single mattresses are found to be around 30 x 75 inches.

Twin Size Mattress: Twin size mattresses are built as per the industry standard dimensions. Twin beds are approximately 38 inches wide and 74 inches long. As these are the most commonly available comforters, bedsheets and other accessories for these mattresses are easily available out there.

Twin XL Size Mattress: These mattresses are best suited for tall single sleepers and children who are at their growing age. This is because these are five inches longer than twin size mattresses. The average dimensions of such mattresses are 38 x 80 inches.

Full Size Mattress: For a more spacious sleep, full-size mattresses are a good choice. These mattresses are great for bedrooms and guest rooms. With dimensions of 54 x 75 inches, full-size mattresses are perfect transitional mattresses available at an affordable price.

Is a Twin Size Mattress Pad Enough for Student Dorm?-The Ultimate Mattress Pad Sizes Guide-Full Size Mattress

Full XL Size Mattress: Full XL size is the best choice for tall people. It is 5 inches longer than standard full-size beds. These are best suited for tall couples. With dimensions of 54 x 80 inches, its size is not ideal for couples with kids. It is one of the comfiest mattresses available at the best price.

Queen Size Mattress: Queen-size mattresses are great for single adults and couples. It is a good fit for your guest room if you have multiple guests visiting frequently. However, people who have an average size of master bedroom also prefer to have queen size bed in their bedrooms. It is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, which makes it a perfect choice for most people.

Is a Twin Size Mattress Pad Enough for Student Dorm?-The Ultimate Mattress Pad Sizes Guide-Queen Size Mattress

California Queen Size Mattress: Queen-size beds are the most popular bed size. This is because of their versatile nature which is suitable for almost all people. That’s why they are available in different sizes depending on your comfort level. Unlike the California king mattress which is 4 inches narrower than the usual king-size mattress, the California queen size bed is just 4 inches longer and its width is equal to the standard queen-size beds. Its standard dimensions are 60 x 84 inches.

Olympic Queen Size Mattress: Olympic queen size mattress is also known as an expanded queen size mattress. It is best suited for couples who want extra space coverage for a comfortable sleep at night. Its length is equal to the standard queen-size mattress; however, it is 6 inches wider than the standard size. Its standard dimensions are 66 x 80 inches.

King Size Mattress: King size mattress beds are the largest standard beds that are available on market. It is perfect for couples with a growing kid. It gives them extra space to sleep comfortably. King-size beds also enhance the look of your large-size master bedroom. Its standard dimensions are 76 x 80 inches.

Is a Twin Size Mattress Pad Enough for Student Dorm?-The Ultimate Mattress Pad Sizes Guide-King Size Mattress

California King Size Mattress: California king-size mattresses are designed for tall people. It may seem to be the largest, however, technically it is not the largest rather it is the longest mattress in size. Its standard size is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. It covers a large space (being narrow, its coverage area is less than a standard king-size mattress) and makes it comfortable to sleep for tall people.


How long is a twin XL mattress pad?

A mattress pad is necessary for the needed comfort. However, a twin XL mattress pad is hard to find as its length is 80 inches. The length of a twin XL mattress pad is generally 5 inches longer than the standard size of a typical twin size mattress pad cover.

Will a twin XL mattress pad fit a twin?

Yes, you can lay an XL twin size mattress pad on a twin size bed. But its fitting might not be perfect, as twin XL is generally longer in size. So, you will notice an extra sheet on the upper and lower edge of the bed. However, you can tuck the extra ends of the mattress pad under the mattress to make it a good fit.

What is an extra-long twin bed called?

An extra-long twin bed is also called a “Twin XL Bed”. A twin XL bed is specially designed for taller sleepers as it is five inches longer than a twin. The basic dimensions of a twin XL bed are 38 x 80 inches. Extra-long twin size mattress pads are extremely budget friendly and cover more space.

What is the difference between full and twin XL Mattress Pad?

The main difference between a full and twin XL mattress is their size, 54 x 75 inches and 38 x 80 inches respectively. Twin XL is bought for single sleepers, while the full mattress pad is a highly preferred choice for two adults or a couple due to its increased breadth. Another major difference between the two is their length. Twin XL is 5 inches longer in size than a full-size mattress pad. That’s why it is best suited for tall people.

Will a twin XL mattress pad be enough for the dorm?

College classes are extremely tiring, and the mattresses in the dorm are not that cozy. If you are tired of that old mattress, then maybe it's time to upgrade your mattress pad, and for this reason, these twin XL mattress pads are perfect for dorm. These mattress pads are specially designed with the perspective of saving space so that they do not take up any extra space. Hence, they are the most suitable for college dorm beds.


A good sleep at night is all you need after a full day's tiring schedule. A mattress pad adds to the comfort level while sleeping. However, there are many other reasons for buying a waterproof XL twin mattress pad, like it protects your mattress from external dirt, dust mites, sweat, bed bugs, etc. It also protects you from harmful bed bacteria and a good night’s sleep. Using a good quality mattress pad ensures that you can have a comfortable sleep at night so that you can wake up fresh to continue with your busy schedule again.

We hope that this article has helped you to select the perfect size of mattress pad that fits and protects your bed. On an ending note, we would conclude by suggesting not to forget to double-check the dimensions of your bed while choosing a mattress pad. Moreover, pick the mattress made of raw material that best suits you and makes you feel comfortable while sleeping.

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