What Is the Deep Pocket of Mattress Pad Used for?

For those who wish to add a little comfort to their bed while still keeping the mattress in peak form, a mattress pad is a viable trend. A mattress pad is a quick and easy option to improve your sleeping surface because it has an easy-to-use and clean style.

This post contains options for a king-size mattress pad with deep pockets you would need, including organic, cheap, protective, and bedding for kids. We also go into detail about the benefits of mattress pads, how they differ from mattress toppers in features, and what factors are most crucial to take into account when choosing your ideal mattress pad.

5 Best Mattress Pads with A Deep Pocket

1.PeaceNest Antibacterial Down Alternative Mattress Pad

A down alternative mattress pad with deep pocket that stretches up to 18 inches deep mattress. It is an aesthetic white-colored fitted mattress pad that easily grabs mattresses. Made with microfiber filling and top layer for total comfort and Super stretch knit skirt which makes it easy to pull over the mattress.


  • 360 Degrees deep pocket Mattress Pad
  • Provides a cozy and breathable sleeping environment
  • Maintain airflow efficiently
  • Easily Machine Washable

Price: $74.90 (Queen)

What Is the Deep Pocket of Mattress Pad Used for?-PeaceNest Antibacterial Down Alternative Mattress Pad


4.8/5 with more than 18,000 global ratings

“Very nice mattress pad. I highly recommend it. It has a great stretch to it so it stays in place. I have a double pillow-top mattress and had a hard time finding one. This fits the bill and is super soft.”

“I was QUITE pleased when I opened this and looked it over! Then getting it on the bed and sleeping on it was great! It actually did improve the comfort level of my bed. Seems to be of quality materials and the construction is tight and precise!”

2.The Grand Queen Mattress Pad With Pockets

A deep pocket and fitted mattress pad with a hypoallergenic breathable cover. It’s a quilted mattress pad with a superior quality fabric of cotton and polyester. It is a deep pocket that fits a queen-size mattress up to 60X80.


  • Super Soft and smooth top
  • Best mattress pad for people with allergies
  • Perfectly fits mattresses and does not slip off from the corners.
  • Completely noiseless and supports the body while sleeping.
  • Easy to clean and does not shrink after washing.

Price: $ 25.97 (Queen)

What Is the Deep Pocket of Mattress Pad Used for?-The Grand Queen Mattress Pad With Pockets


4.5/5 with around 7,800 global ratings on amazon

“I absolutely love the quality of this mattress pad. I purchased one originally for our guest room, which has a very deep mattress. Other mattress pads just didn't stay on and made for an uncomfortable experience.”

“I bought this mattress pad to cover a memory foam topper addition on our camper mattress. The camper mattress is for a cab-over camper, so I was worried it might not be consistent with regular mattress sizes and we might have trouble finding a mattress pad to cover it. But this one worked like a champ and did stretch to accommodate this somewhat larger arrangement. It also adds additional padding which is very comfortable.”

3.Bedsure RV Short Queen Mattress Pad with deep pocket

Bedsure’s pillow top mattress pad with a deep pocket is a quilted mattress pad for amazing comfort. It has a deep pocket for an RV. It’s made with 100% cotton fabric that goes with a mattress up to 21 inches deep.


  • Super soft and comfortable cotton fabric
  • Polyester fills provide extra comfort
  • Easily stretchable deep pocket that fits properly
  • Easily to clean with cold water in a gentle machine cycle

Price: $49.99 (Short queen)

What Is the Deep Pocket of Mattress Pad Used for?-Bedsure RV Short Queen Mattress Pad with deep pocket


4.4/5 with over 10,600 global ratings on Amazon

“I have only had this mattress pad for about a month (daily sleep). I have used it on two mattresses so far.. an 11" and a 13". The pad easily fits both mattresses. It continues to hold its shape. It is not causing any additional heat, etc. I would definitely recommend it to others.

I have a history of sleep trouble. I can still count on my hands +30 years the number of times that I’ve ever been able to take a nap. I never knew what sleeping-in was ��� until now. For the 1st time in my 30 years, I have never looked forward to sleeping as I do now!! It’s truly a life saver!”

4.UNILIBRA Quilted Mattress Pad Cal King

A deep pocket mattress pad California king keeps your expensive mattress firmly in place while protecting all of its edges from liquids of all types. No need to tense about shifting or slipping in this pad.


  • 100% waterproof and soft texture with deep pockets.
  • Machine washable for better endurance.
  • Wrinkle resistance for stress-free sleep.

Price: $ 34.95

What Is the Deep Pocket of Mattress Pad Used for?-UNILIBRA Quilted Mattress Pad Cal King


4.6/5 out of more than 5200 reviewers

“Solid mattress pad. It protects against liquid and was extremely easy to put on. The fit on the full mattress is perfect, even with a foam mattress topper. The material feels like it would be hot and sticky, however, actually sleeping on it is great. It is actually cooling and is a breathable fabric. Some toppers can stick to your back if you sweat a lot, but not this one.”

“It does feel a little bit weird at first but not like those old ones that crinkled with every move. Put it on our bed last night, our son fresh out of nighttime diapers, soaked the sheets, the blankets, me, but the matteress remained dry. It was a quick change over”

5.Favorland King Mattress Pad, 8-21" Deep Pocket

This contains a snow-down substitute fill, a cutting-edge fiber fill that has the feel of actual goose and roll cover. You can go for such a deep pocket mattress pad for a stain-free mattress. The deep pockets make it simple to grab any mattress because they come in all sizes to neatly match your current bed.


  • Luxury dimension of deep pockets to enhance style.
  • Comfort while sleeping and touch-friendly.
  • Chemical fiber adds super comfort to texture.

Price: $49.99

What Is the Deep Pocket of Mattress Pad Used for?-Favorland King Mattress Pad, 8-21" Deep Pocket


4.7/5 out of more than 18000 reviewers

“Best sleep I’ve had in years. Our previous mattress cover would not stay in place because we have a very deep mattress, it would pop off on the corners and bunch up under you. This cover fits like a dream edge to edge and does not move out of place at all. It is super soft and does not make me overheat like some others we tried. This will change my life.”

“Best ever mattress topper for my king bed. I was never able to find a mattress protector that would fit my extremely thick mattress... Got one at Wal-Mart for more than double the price, didn't last a year the sides were torn easily due to the cheap tear-able material... This one has good material and elastic all around, and so much more material to spare for those super thick mattresses... Highly recommended, great product for an even better price (i never got one under 50$ and a great quality one)... Shipping was also super fast.”

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a fairly hefty, puffy piece of clothing that lies on top of the mattress and under your sheets. In contrast, one should go with a mattress pad to enhance the coziness of the bed.  I would advise buying a mattress pad if your present mattress is making you unhappy. A mattress pad can be a nice temporary fix to provide comfort to an old or hard mattress.

So there is no need to buy a mattress pad when purchasing a brand-new mattress, whether it is foam, springy, or some other fabric. You will accept that a deep pocket king-size mattress pad is the other best option if you have an old mattress that you're not happy with. Mattress pads are a cheap method to breathe new life into sagging or otherwise painful beds. While talking about a mattress protector, it is practically vital for many reasons. It is cheap, secures your purchase, has no visible signs of impact, and shouldn't radically affect how the mattress feels. In my opinion, it is clear.

Types of Mattress Pads

Fitted mattress pads and anchor mattress covers are the two primary styles of mattress pads. Fitted mattress pads are sturdy and have a similar fit to the sheets. The elastic side sets wrap on the edges of the bed to firmly secure it in place, while the puffy top adds further support. One can go with an extra deep pocket king mattress pad for the comfy and sturdy style of many types of mattress pads.

Anchor mattress pads

The top of an anchor mattress pad is comparable to a fitted mattress pad. However, the sides are different. One can't find any side panels in the installation; instead, the top is tied to the mattress at the edges by a thick rubber strap.

Cotton Mattress Pads

A mattress pad comes in a range of materials in addition to diverse styles, and each material produces a uniquely different mattress pad. The most popular cotton mattress pad is washable and thinner.

Latex Mattress Toppers

Natural latex mattress pads can make a hard mattress into an excessively soft one, relating on the size and type of latex. A latex mattress pad is a terrific option for the eco-friendly, allergic sleeper because it is moisture resistant.

Wool Mattress Pads

If you're seeking a resilient mattress pad that can adapt rapidly changing seasons, wool mattress pads can be a good option. These mattress covers are usually mild on cold days and chilly in the summer times.

Feather mattress protectors

If you want to relax an existing mattress that is overly firm, feather mattress pads or— featherbeds or down mattress pads—are another choice. Relative to wool mattress pads, such mattress pads are less pricey.

Fiber Mattress Pads

Fiber mattress pads are often known as fibers or fluff substitute mattress pads. These mattress pads are packed with polyester fiber or a down substitute fabric rather than typical feathers. Regular "fluffing" and selecting a mattress with a quilted top will also help to prolong this.

Benefits of Mattress Pads:

A mattress pad on your bed will improve comfort, activate durability, and provide financial savings. Regardless of the mattress pad you like, you will get a better night's sleep. The benefits of utilizing a mattress pad are as follows:

Mattress Defence

Waterproof mattress pads provide a solid seal to stop liquids from seeping into and potentially harming your mattress.

Prevention of Allergen

A mattress pad can fully protect from year-round mold spores and seasonal irritants that could develop in a mattress.


A mattress pad's additional softness can increase comfort, and this impact can be particularly noticeable with thicker plus pads composed of fabrics like cotton and wool.


It can be hard to clean a mattress. In comparison, the majority of mattress pads are simple to thoroughly clean.


Mattress pads are frequently far less expensive than mattress covers and toppers, making them a desirable option for those on a tight budget or looking for a good deal.

Size of Mattress Pads:

Mattress Name

Dimensions (inches)

Dimensions (cm)


38 x 75

96.5 x 190.5

Twin XL

38 x 80

96.5 x 203.2


54 x 75

137.1 x 190.5

Full XL

54 x 80

137.1 x 203.2


60 x 80

152.4 x 203.2

California Queen

60 x 84

152.4 x 213.3

Olympic Queen

66 x 84

167.6 x 213.3


76 x 80

193 x 203.2

California King

72 x 84

182.9 x 213.4


28 x 51

71.1 x 129.54

Small Single

30 x 75

76.2 x 190.5

Before buying accessories, measure your bed if unsure of its dimensions. To do this, find the bed length by measuring from the head to the foot. The width is then measured from side to side. Your new king deep pocket mattress pad or topper will cover the entire bed and not hang over the sides if you get the correct size.

Mattress Pad with A Deep Pocket

A deep pocket mattress pad king in size can fit inside deep pocket sheets. High-profile models have proliferated in recent years, increasing the availability of deep pocket pads. Regular mattress pads often fit mattresses that range in thickness from 7 to 14 inches. Deep pocket mattress pads typically work with models up to 15 inches thick, and super deep pocket ones typically work with mattresses ranging in thickness from 16 to 24 inches.

There are many variations among deep pocket mattress pad alternatives, including various fabrics and weaves, since the terms "deep pocket" and "extra deep pocket" refer to measurements of mattress thickness rather than substances or performance.

The Function of the Deep Pocket

Mattress pads come in various thicknesses, materials, and sizes to suit your tastes and requirements for bedtime. They are located beneath your sheets and on top of your mattress. The typical deep pocket mattresses and linens don't always offer our bodies the support they require; sometimes, they are insufficient. The only and key function of a deep pocket in a mattress pad is to easily grab the extra thick mattress and fit on the top of it without moving or coming out frequently.

How deep is the Deep Pocket?

The deep pocket mattress pads are designed to fit thick mattresses and pillow-top mattresses, bed frames with a topper, or the tight top of a deep mattress. Deep and extra-deep pocket mattress pads are available, which adds to the complexity. Most deep pocket pad sets, like exotic basics, typically fit-bed pads that are 15 inches deep.

Generally, taking mattress pads king deep pocket that has full pocket size is usually a good idea. Otherwise, a deep or extra deep mattress pad set's sizes can vary greatly as per the mattress size. For instance, the depth of the deep-pocket mattress pad can range from 14 to 17 inches. An extra-deep mattress pad can range in depth from 19 to 25 inches.

How to choose King Mattress Pad with a Deep Pocket

You could overlook the fact that deep and extra-deep pocket mattress pads are available in a range of sizes with the fuss over pockets. The usual mattress pads come in varieties like extra deep pocket mattress pad king, California king, split king sizes, etc. You can match your king mattress size with these pads and choose any as per your bed color and decor.

Choose the pad’s top fabric that best matches you and your lifestyle, whether silky, luxurious cotton or simple-to-care for microfiber. Also look for the cushioning quality, mattress protection, durability, and waterproof, and always read the maker's product label or box to ensure pocket depth. If you choose your mattress pads carefully, you'll use them for many years.


Since most mattress pads are thin, they don't significantly alter the depth of your mattress. They don't need a deeper fitted sheet as a result.

A deep pocket king mattress pad or topper can make the bed seem cozier. You can also use these extras to change how firm your mattress is. A smooth topper can offer a velvety feel and more shaping if you feel that your cushion is too rigid. A firm mattress topper can provide greater stability and support if your mattress is too soft. While you wait to replace your mattress, a topper can also remedy a sagging one.

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