How to Recycle Bed Pillows?

Bedding accessories are a wholesome commodity to style your bedroom interiors, along with rendering a cherished sleeping comfort. Owing to the same, each one of us would ideally want these utilities to last forever because you cannot get enough of the coziness. In the exact opposite reality however, everything comes with life, and so are these bedding elements. As a consequence, you need to eventually replace them, one or the other day.

Moving along the line, replacing your worn out bed pillows with a new set of bolsters is indeed a healthier alternative, but the used ones can also be put to some constructive application. When thinking about how to go ahead with the process, there are feasible options to repurpose, donate and recycle bed pillows. While recycling generates an all new fabric that can be woven into pillows again, repurposing works to put the latter to a different and innovative use, ahead of bedding accessories.

A noble way to discard your old and used pillows is to donate them to the ones in need. You can send in a token of help through these pillows to homeless and animal shelters, daycare facilities, charitable organizations, and a lot of other appropriate places. Adhering to the aforesaid alternatives, you can make the best use of the pillows that have lost the credibility to be a part of your bedding spaces. Moving further, let us talk about some interesting ways to work through the above, in what follows next:

1. How to Repurpose Old Pillows

When it comes to repurposing the old pillows, this is largely a matter of your imagination and creativity. You can explore the same to create an innovative best from a customary waste in a diversity of ways and explicitly amazing styles. With an aim to give you a boost in this regard, discussed below are some appealing ideas to repurpose your used bolsters:

Pet Beds

Having a pet dog or cat at home? If yes, then these pillows can best be used to provide a comfy resting space for the animal member of your house. Additional to being the easiest way of giving a new and stylish look to the discarded pillows, such animal beds are a decent gift of love for your pet that the latter will surely adore you for.

How to Recycle Bed Pillows-Pet beds

What’s best is that you need not be a pro at stitching and sewing skills to craft these cute dwelling spaces. Just a pair or two of these pillows according to the length of your pet will do the purpose. The next things that come in line are your creativity and style preferences. Use your imagination to put in the pillow arrangement and that’s it!

A few cool ideas in this regard can be placing a row of pillows, one on top of the other along the length you have measured. Another creative way is to arrange the pillows to give them the look of a couch or a sofa, where your animal friend can snuggle into a cozy sleep. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that it has to be comfortable for the fragile piece of fur!

Floor Cushion Seats

These are other great options to give a new and creative look to the old pillows and cushions that are no longer a part of your bedroom interiors. Defining the new trends of home décor and styling, floor pillows are commonly used as sitting alternatives, ahead of the customary chairs and stools.

How to recycle bed pillows-Floor Cushion Seats

Providing enough extra support to your lower back and glutes, these are healthy surfaces to plunge in and relax. Allowing you to make a more refined posture adjustment, the floor cushions work to alleviate joint pressure. What a healthy way to reuse an old pillow!

Moving and Packaging Material

Looking forward to disposing of away your used memory foam or latex pillows? Wait a minute! There’s a lot that they can still do for you. Keep a collection of such pillows for the time when you need to pack and move items to long distances, like in the instances of shifting to your new house, or clearing up the used furniture, etc.

A good way is to compress these pillows and store them in vacuum bags. Whenever you encounter a situation to move delicate items, or prevent your favorite furniture from scraping during transportation, you can stuff these pillows above the products in the packaging boxes. Cutting the pillows to a perfect size is some creativity that you can implement here.

2. How to Donate Old Pillows

How to recycle bed pillows-Donate

When searching for constructive ways to get away with your used and old pillows, donating them at requisite places is the noblest thing you can do. Instead of putting the latter into trash, you can use them to help the ones in need. While there are other ways to repurpose the old pillows, but if nothing interests you much, move ahead to donate them. Talking about some feasible options to address the concerns, here’s a list of facilities you can think of to give away the used bolsters:

Homeless Shelters

These are organizations that are in regular need of bed furnishings and home care utilities. You can look for such shelter homes in your nearby areas to help them by doing your bit of donating the used pillows. This would work as a new home for the pillows, while being a source of comfort and bliss for the ones in need, which is way better than throwing such pillows in the trash can.

Animal Shelters

Like we humans, animals do need comfort and care. While there are a series of requirements in animal homes that may be different from the ones for the homeless people, pillows can still be a common need. Sparing a close look around the web and in your nearby locale, you can easily find such animal care centers that will be happy to oblige to your noble deed. After all, lending a helping hand towards your co-species is a noble job that your old pillows can be affordably put to.

Daycare Facilities

Daycare homes and facilities are another space that may well need your old pillows that you are planning to throw away. Give a minute and look for such spaces around you. While there are most places that may not be accepting of second hand utilities, many still welcome the cause. Remember that discarding something may be easy, but putting the same to new and viable use is something that demands a genuine effort.


How to recycle bed pillows-Charities

Giving away your old pillows for the noble cause of charity is again, one of the best uses the old cushions and pillows can be put to. Look for such organizations and institutions that welcome donations and charities. You can even hand the pillows to a family or individual in your area, which may need the very comfortable alternatives that you have decided on throwing away.

3. How to Recycle Bed Pillows

Ahead of repurposing and donating the used pillows, you can also make an attempt to recycle the bolsters. Among all the other alternatives, recycling happens to be an eco-friendly option that works to make your pillow material fit for a new and better use. Talking of the ways and means to adhere to the concern, you can look around your area and also search the web to join a recycling facility that best suits your preferences.

Suggesting a viable, web based alternative in this regard, you can become a part of the Peace Nest sustainability project that is dedicated to creating eco-friendly bedding accessories through a collection of sustainable and recyclable furnishing materials. Working in the line of nature centric and environmentally feasible bedding sourcing, the project aims to enlighten and encourage people towards healthier and sustainable product consumption.

With a vision to create a circular business, the builders are working to help people in managing their wasteful and unused commodities, while understanding the latter’s struggle to put the discarded items to constructive use. Join the project today to give a new life and usability to your ready-to-throw pillows and cushions.

4. Why Recycle Old Pillows

When the talk is about recycling used commodities and products, it is a common behavior of people to turn apprehensive of the fact. While most of us find it convenient to throw away the worked out utilities, recycling the same essentially bears great significance in the light of a diversity of advantages, both environmental and social.

How to recycle bed pillows-Old Pillows

Starting with the environmental aspect, choosing to recycle bed pillows will have the reduced burden of pollution and the creation of unnecessary landfills. Conservation of energy and natural resources is another advantage of recycling that works in favor of a sustainable and socially affluent environment. Moving ahead to the social merits, recycling units can be hotspots of employment that can generate economic benefits in the long run.

As far as the concern of can bed pillows be recycled, is concerned, recycling your old pillow can help to turn the latter into a completely new and different avatar, which may be put to different purposes. This could be far better the letting the pillow remains rest in the trash bin, where it can only contribute to polluting the environment. Transporting the bolsters to eco-friendly recycling facilities like the one discussed above can put them to a nature benefitting cause.

5. How Often to Replace Your Pillows?

Replacing your pillows at regular intervals is necessary to make sure that they don’t have a negative impact on your health. Another important aspect supportive of timely replacing the pillows is keeping alive the possibility of repurposing or recycling them. As for the general duration to periodically replace your bed pillows, interior experts recommend to using a bolster set for 1-2 years at the most.

In a general sense, you can make out the correct time to replace the older pillow sets with newer ones. The first and the obvious indication is the loss of comfort. If you encounter visible discomfort in your sleep, or wake up with muscle soreness and stiff body parts, this may be an alarm to turn down your old pillows and bring home a fresher alternative. Another significant indication to replace your bed pillows is when the latter begins to sag or start forming lumps.

The fabrication material of your pillows has a significant role in this regard. While some materials like polyester have a limited life of 1 year, you can easily spend 3 years sleeping on the same latex pillow. Moving ahead, the pattern of care and maintenance you administer your pillows with, also has a lot to do with their durability. If you notice odd smells, yellowing of the pillow surface, or stubborn stains that don’t leave even after frequent washing, it’s high time you discard such pillows.

6. Conclusion

It is a common and obvious encounter for utilities and products to wear out with time and usage. What’s more important is, looking for ways and means to make the most of such commodities, ahead of simply discarding them into the trash. When having a collection of old pillows that do not suit bedding spaces anymore, you can try hands at repurposing them. Donating the latter to shelter homes and allied facilities is another noble use that you can put the pillows to.

If however, the pillows have become overly worn-out and are not fit for donation, you can move ahead to recycle them. This can be a viable option to make the unusable and old bolsters fit for a constructive use. Answering the query of how to recycle old bed pillows, you can send the bolsters to recycling facilities, where the latter can be effectively treated and processed to make the fabrication and filling material fit for different and constructive use. After all, reusing is always better than throwing away.

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