Down vs Down Alternative Comforters-Which One to Choose?

Good sleep is necessary to remain active all day long. For a night of good sleep, you need a comfortable and a big fluffy comforter. The demand for a comforter is different for different people and it is really difficult to choose a perfect comforter. While making a choice, the shoppers must first select which type of comforter is best suited for them – Down or Down Alternative Comforter?

Both types of comforters might seem the same and of course, they serve the same purpose. The only difference between both these comforters is the materials used to manufacture them. Some people might prefer down comforters and others might choose the fluffiest down alternative comforter. But the main thing that you need to consider is comfort. Because at the end of the day all you need is good and comfortable sleep. Some people are even allergic to original down comforters, so they prefer an extra fluffy down alternative comforter.

Down vs Down Alternative Comforters-Which One to Choose?-fluffiest down alternative comforter

In this article, we will discuss everything about the two types of comforters, their usage for different people, their difference, etc. Read further to know about down and down alternative comforters in detail!

1. What is Down?

Down vs Down Alternative Comforters-Which One to Choose?-down material

A down comforter is an extra soft comforter that is usually made from the original soft filling obtained from the undercoat of the bird feather. Generally, it is made from the feathers of geese, ducks, swans, etc. This is the reason why these comforters are extremely soft and fluffy. You can determine the quality of a down comforter by measuring the fill power (amount of down-filled per ounce of filling).

As they are made from the original undercoat of birds’ feathers, they are extremely lightweight and comfortable. They regulate the temperature and keep the person warm. Down comforters are largely known for their durability and quality.

Before purchasing a down comforter, it is necessary to check whether it comes from ethically obtained raw material. You should check whether it is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified or not.

2. What is Down Alternative?

Down vs Down Alternative Comforters-Which One to Choose?-microfiber material

A down alternative comforter is specially designed for people who are allergic to feathers. It is filled with synthetic fiber like polyester which can make it the fluffiest down alternative comforter. You can say that the fluffiest  down alternative comforter is a synthetic version of an original down comforter. As the photo below shows, it is PeaceNest PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter, which is silky soft and at the same time,  the 3D hypoallergenic microfibers filling can render enough fluff and protect you from allergy-causing feathers or dust, making it the fluffiest down alternative comforter on market.

Down vs Down Alternative Comforters-Which One to Choose-PeaceNest PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

Down alternative fluffy comforters are easy to wash and maintain. They are also cost-effective for people looking for budget-friendly comforters. A large variety of super fluffy down alternative comforters is available in the market. The special design of these comforters keeps you warm and cozy all night long. They are a safer alternative for asthma patients who want a soft pillow feeling of an original down comforter.

3. Down vs Down Alternative Comforters Comparison

Are you confused between a down and a down alternative comforter? If yes, then we are here to help! Read further to get in-depth knowledge and know the differences between each type of comforter. The following points might help you get the answers to all your questions.

3.1 Material

Down Comforter:

Material is the basic difference between a down comforter and a down alternative comforter. The filling of a down comforter is made of the original fluffy undercoat of the birds’ feathers. The fluffy filling of the bird undercoat makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Down Alternative Comforter:

On the other hand, the filling of a down alternative comforter is made of a combination of cotton and other synthetic materials like polyester. As a result, the fluffiest down alternative comforter can be heavier in weight as compared to an original down comforter.

3.2 Warmth

Down Comforter:

As down comforters are made of original feathers, they are extremely comfortable. They regulate the heat properly so that it doesn’t get trapped inside and make you uncomfortable. They have high breathability.

Down vs Down Alternative Comforters-Which One to Choose?-marm down alternative comforter

Down Alternative Comforter:

On the other hand, talking about down alternative comforters, they can be suitable alternative and can give you pretty equal warmth as down comforters. However, the extra filling and heavyweight of the down alternative comforter, can lead to low breathability due to the synthetic filling. But if a comforter is filled with the premium quality polyester, then it can be the fluffiest down alternative comforter with high breathability.

3.3 Fluff

Down Comforter:

Fluff is an important factor to look for in purchasing a comforter. The more the fluff, the more warmth and comfort. The fill power of the down comforter is greater than its synthetic counterpart, hence, it is fluffier than the down alternative comforter. The less amount of down expands and takes up larger space to create more fluff.

Down Alternative Comforter:

Down alternative comforters are made of synthetic material having less fill power. A large amount of filling is used to create fluff and warmth in the down alternative comforter. However, no need to worry because premium quality polyester is commonly available now. So you can see a fluffiest down alternative comforter is even fluffier than a down comforter with lower price.

3.4 Hypoallergenic

Down Comforter:

Down comforters are more prone to trap allergens. This can be harmful to sensitive people. It can even lead to allergic reactions. Hence, down comforters are not hypoallergenic.

Down Alternative Comforter:

While down alternative comforters are made of synthetic material and hence, they are easy to clean. This is an added advantage for all those people who are allergic. Down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic and safe for everyone.

3.5 Allergies

Down Comforter:

Down comforters are more prone to attracting allergic dust particles and mites. As a result, this might even cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Down comforter is not a good choice for allergic and asthma patients. The allergens trapped in these comforters can cause itchy eyes and throat infections.

Down Alternative Comforter:

On the other hand, down alternative comforters are easy to clean and safe from any type of allergic reaction. They don’t attract any allergy-causing dust particles or mites. Hence, they are safe for everyone.

If you are looking for an allergy-free option, opt for down alternative comforters.

3.6 Price

Down Comforter:

As down comforters are made of the original undercoat of the birds, they are usually expensive. The raw material used to make down comforters is expensive, so the starting cost of purchasing a down comforter starts from $139.

Down Alternative Comforter:

On the other hand, down alternative comforters are made from a synthetic mixture of fillings. Hence, they are more cost-effective compared to down comforters. The start cost of down alternative comforters ranges from $60.

In this context, you can opt for down alternative comforters if you are looking for more cost-effective options.

3.7 Durability

Down Comforter:

Down comforters are also known for their long-lasting nature. They can last for more than a couple of years when handled with proper care and maintenance. You need to clean them properly with the instructions mentioned at the time of the purchase. They are not washable at home.

Down Alternative Comforter:

Anything handled with proper care maintenance can last for a long. The same goes with the comforters. Even the down alternative comforters can last for years if handled with proper care. But they are easily washable at home and hence, they are prone to wear and tear.

4. Pros and Cons of Each Type

Type of Comforter



Down Comforter

Comfortable: Down comforters are extremely comfortable. The fill power of the down comforters regulates the heat, making them warm and breathable.

Light-weight: The use of the original bird undercoat makes down comforters extremely fluffy and lightweight. The loft raw material expands the fill space.

Durable: Down comforters are well-known for their durability. They can last for years if handled with care.

Expensive: Down comforters are expensive as they are made up of the original bird undercoat. They are also RDS certified to keep a check on the unethical usage of the bird feather.

Allergic to some people: The filling of down comforters can be harmful to asthma patients. Some people are allergic to their filling. Hence, they are not safe for everyone out there.

Need extra maintenance: Down comforters are not washable at home. They need extra care and maintenance to avoid the early wear and tear of the filling.

Down Alternative Comforter

Cost-effective: Down alternative comforters are more cost-effective as they are made from synthetic material.

Non-allergic: Down alternative comforters are safe for allergic and asthma patients.

Easy to wash: You can wash down alternative comforters in the washing machine easily. You don’t need much intense care for the maintenance of these comforters.

Less warm: Down alternative can be sometimes less warm.

Heavyweight: To maintain the warmth of the best fluffy down alternative comforter, you need to fluff it with more filling, resulting in the heavyweight of the comforter.

Less Breathable and Uncomfortable: Extra filling in the down alternative comforter makes it lose breathability and comfort. As a result, making you suffer from sleepless nights.

5. FAQs

5.1 Are down alternative comforters as warm as down comforters?

Down comforters are generally warmer than the down alternative comforters due to their great fill power. A thick fluffy-down alternative comforter can be as warm as down. Sometimes, it needs an extra filling.

5.2 Is down fluffier than down alternative?

A down comforter has high fill power which makes the filling fill more space than the synthetic filling. The filling of a down comforter is loftier than the synthetic filling of the alternative. The best fluffiest down alternative comforter is made of synthetic material like polyester. It can also be of cotton or rayon. With hypoallergenic microfiber, a down alternative comforter can be as fluffy as a down comforter and is machine-washable as well.

5.3 Does the down alternative comforter keep you cool?

Yes, down alternative comforters are also used to keep cool. Some synthetic fillings of the fluffy down alternative comforters can help you keep cool. These fillings make you feel comfortable and warm inside when the weather is cold outside and vice versa. That means the same synthetic filling can keep you cool inside when the weather is hot outside. This happens because of the temperature-regulating raw material used to make the filling of the comforter.

5.4 Is it better to get a down comforter or down alternative comforter?

Getting a down comforter or a down alternative comforter depends on the preferences of the shopper. Comfort is the first thing that you should look at while choosing a comforter. Look for a comforter that keeps you warm and provides comfortable sleep all night long.

If you are allergic to original feathers or you are an asthma patient, you must look for down alternative comforters. But if want some softer feel, you can go for the former.

5.5 Do hotels use down or down alternative comforters?

Hotels generally use high-quality, durable, and good value comforters. However, the quality of the bedding depends on the type of hotel and the service that you want to avail yourself of. Hotels use both down and down alternative comforters with light-weight, mid-weight, and heavy-weight options of each type according to your preferences.

5.6 How do you fluff a down or down alternative comforter?

Proper fluff in the comforter results in warmth and comfortability in a comforter. Prevent the formation of clumps in your comforter to maintain the fluff and warmth of the comforter. We have mentioned the steps to answer the question - of how to fluff a new down alternative comforter.

You can use an air dryer that comes with an “air fluff” feature to fluff your down alternative comforter.

You can even use your hands to fluff your comforter. Flatten your comforter on the ground and use your fingers to remove the clumps from your comforter.

Shaking your comforter daily also helps in getting rid of the clump formation.

6. Conclusion

The choice of comforters varies according to the preferences of different people. But there are some common points between the shoppers of down and down alternative comforters. Here, we have given a list of people who should choose a down comforter and the people who should choose a down alternative comforter.

Down comforter is a good choice for the people:

  • who prefer hot and extra warm temperatures while sleeping.
  • who prefer extra soft and fluffy stuff.
  • who prefer long-lasting material.

Down alternative comforter can be an ideal choice for the people:

  • who want a budget-friendly comforter.
  • who are allergic to original down.
  • who are looking for an easily washable yet fluffy comforter.
  • who are strictly against using animal-based products.

We hope that this article has helped you to get all the answers to your questions. 

All in all, If you don’t have specific requirements, but want the softest, and fluffiest down alternative comforter., then the PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter from PeaceNest mentioned before is the best choice. Whether it's softest fabric, 3D filling, or safety and allergy resistance, its overall score is definitely the highest on the market. The soft, skin-friendly feel that all naked sleepers fall in love with is definitely cozy enough to provide you with the most comfortable noiseless sleep.

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