How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter?

Are you a hot sleeper who often wakes up sweaty at night or do you experience insomnia and find it difficult to sleep only because of your high body temperature? Well, you're not alone. Sleeping in an uncomfortably hot environment can harm your sleep cycle, which ultimately affects your mood, hormones, and body's ability to repair and perform. So, is there a solution that can protect you from the detrimental effects of sleeping in a hot environment? The answer lies in cooling down alternative comforter that is scientifically engineered to keep your body cool throughout the night, allowing you to enjoy a soothing, peaceful, and relaxing sleep.

Can't wait to shop for the finest quality comforters that are capable of keeping you cool and comfy at night? But wait! Before you make your first move, there are certain important things that you need to know, and to help you with the best, here we have an in-depth guide enlightening you about:

1. What is a Down Alternative Comforter?

How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter-What is a Down Alternative Comforter

As the picture above shows, it is the PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter from PeaceNest, which features the 100% sustainable hypoallergenic  3D microfibers filling that is as soft and comfortable as down. The ultra-soft  PrimeSoft™ fabric absorbs moisture and turns fresh in seconds, keeping the finish dry and clean overnight, making it the best choice for a cooling down alternative comforter. The moment when the word "down" emerges, people often associate it with feathers or the underside of a goose and duck. However, the down alternative is not the same as the down. Down alternative is a consciously crafted material made from a combination of synthetic and plant-based fibers. It is non-toxic, humane, and most importantly an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional down comforters, just as the PeaceNest PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter mentioned above, it is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. Besides, this PeaceNest down alternative comforter is OEKO-TEX certified, which means every component of this comforter has been tested for harmful substances and that the article, therefore, is harmless for human health. So you can have try for this comforter if you are looking for a soft and hypoallergenic cooling down alternative comforter.

In addition to that, a down alternative is created to meet the evolving needs of the sleeper i.e. they are fluffier, extremely gentle on the skin, and almost feel cloud-like. Further, it's 100% hypoallergenic, meaning you can still dive into the luxury of superior quality comfort without having to worry about allergies, asthma, or associated respiratory complications. Being made from polyester, cotton, and fine strands of synthetic materials, the down alternative, is easy to clean and can be washed using a washing machine. However, make sure that you use the machine in a gentle setting to safeguard the durability, strength, and lifespan of the down alternative comforter.

Thus, the down alternative is safe, budget-friendly, and perfectly made to mimic the beauty and feel of down. Unlike traditional comforters, there are down alternative versions available that can be used in all seasons- summer, winter, spring, and rainy too. Thanks to this, you can sleep cool and happy all year round without having to worry about the unbearable humidity or high temperatures.

2. How Does A Cooling Down Alternative Comforter Keep You Cool?

Cooling down alternative comforters is gifted with three essential abilities: temperature regulation, moisture wicking, and breathability.

2.1 Temperature Regulation of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

The comforter contains materials that can regulate temperature. Some of them are equipped with fills that have advanced cooling technology, that keep the sleeper cool when it's hot and warm when it is colder. This is fundamentally done by absorbing the body heat of the sleeper and redistributing the same to maintain a pleasant temperature.

2.2 Moisture Wicking Ability of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter-Moisture Wicking

A common problem that many sleepers face is excessive sweating. Not only does this leave them damp and uncomfortable but can make the sleeper hot as they sweat and later cold because of the moisture from the sweat. However, this can be avoided effectively by investing in a high-quality cooling down alternative comforter.

2.3 Breathability of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

Just as the name suggests, breathability is the ability of a material to support the circulation of air across the comforter. Thanks to this, cool air can enter the comforter, while the trapped hot air formed by absorbing the body heat can escape out. With this, comforters can keep you fresh, cool, and free from unwanted sweating.

3. How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter?

Before you buy a down alternative comforter, certain crucial aspects have to be taken into consideration. The comforter usually consists of two major parts- the filling and the fabric sewn to hold the fill together. Though it might seem easy but selecting the best one that lasts for years to come can be challenging, as no two down alternative comforters are the same, even when they have similar appearances.

There can be innumerable variations, which is why analyzing the important characteristics will help you discover affordable, easy to maintain, and durable down alternative cooling comforter.

3.1 Brand of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

Eminent brands with a proven record of delivering nothing but luxurious quality and impeccable comforters are undoubtedly the best place to begin your search. Think about it, brands that specialize in manufacturing down alternative cooling comforters, and have been a part of the industry for a long time, understand the nuances of the product and can create just the comforter that would be a delight for any sleeper who wants the best.

If you are confused between more than one promising brand then a good practice is to have a look at the collection of cooling down alternative comforters they have in store, compare them in terms of their pricing, type of filler used, testimonials given by the customers, industry ratings and finally pick the one that meets your requirements.

3.2 Material of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

The one-of-a-kind down alternative cooling comforter is made using rayon, cotton, and polyester. Since the materials are engineered to last, they remain good as new even after consistent and rigorous use. But, that doesn't necessarily mean every type of down alternative comforter will last for the same period. This is because, the materials are made in different classes, where the highest class has ample fill weight, exceptional construction, and is protected by a strong outer fabric.

How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter-Material

Hence, when concerned about the quality of the material used in the comforter, focus on the fill, its specifications (weight, power), and the stitching of the cooling comforter.

3.3 Price of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter

Comforters come in all variants, from cheap to high-grade durable versions. Though there may not be a steadfast rule on what to pick and what to avoid in terms of price, the thing is those that are made from low-quality materials and fills will not last longer than the comforters that are created using the finest ones. Therefore, over time the ROI (return on investment) that you get from a high-quality comforter will be relatively higher in comparison to their low-grade counterparts. That being said, cheap comforters do turn out to be a good short-term solution.  

Assuming you are strict with the budget, prepare a list of priorities that you have from the comforter- how you plan to use (rigorous or casual), materials you are particular about, and the expected lifespan, and then find the one that fulfills the budgetary needs.

3.4 Size of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

Shoppers commonly look for a comforter that will be a perfect fit for their bed. With this, you can achieve a clean and sophisticated look that adds to the decor of your bedroom. Some of the popular sizing options available are Queen/Full, Queen, Twin, Oversized Queen, Twin XL, Oversized King, and King. The trick is not to buy a comforter that is smaller than your bed, on the other hand, oversized ones can be used for draping on the sides. Moreover, some even believe that oversized comforters provide a hotel-style luxurious look, and save you from the classic couple stealing blanket drama.

3.5 Thread Count of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

The thread count (TC) is a vital indicator of the quality of the fabric used for manufacturing the comforter. A higher TC represents a tightly woven comforter, while a lower thread count means just the opposite. Put it simply, TC is the total number of threads that are present within a square inch. Here, a common misconception that buyers often have is higher the TC, the better will be the comforter- that is not always the case. In addition to the thread count, the fabric material is equally important. Though high thread count means the comforter is of high quality, still they might feel thick or too stiff if not constructed to perfection. For example, the cooling bamboo baffle box down alternative comforter comes with a box stitching construction and the natural cooling power of bamboo, both features make the comforter a worthwhile choice for hot sleepers. Other comforter construction styles include channel and quilted stitches.

How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter-Thread Count

While buying a cooling down alternative comforter, the thread count matters because with a higher count you can be assured that it contains an effective amount of down alternative. You might have experienced fibers sticking to the comforter after one or two usages, higher TC prevents this from happening.

3.6 Durability of Cooling Down Alternative Comforter:

Since you want your comforters to stick with you for at least ten years or more, it is critical to search for the one that is durable and capable of standing the test of time. Fortunately, to let shoppers get the cooling comforter of their dreams with peace of mind, manufacturers come up with a warranty. With this, you will never be concerned about refilling or tearing the seams of the comforter.

Apart from selecting a comforter that is known to be durable, implementing effective measures for maintenance of the down alternative comforter is also crucial. This includes using a high-quality cover according to the size of the comforter, regular cleaning, and proper drying to keep them fresh and free from the accumulation of dust, debris, body oils, or pet dander.

4. Additional Tips to Sleep Cool at Night

How to Choose The Best Cooling Down Alternative Comforter-Additional Tips to Sleep Cool at Night

Even though purchasing a down alternative comforter designed to keep your body cool throughout the night is a great move. However, along with that many more simple measures can be practiced for eliminating body heat, and these are:

  • Taking a lighter dinner: Meals that are full of carbs, fats, and spices require a lot of energy to digest, and spicy meals even increase the process of sweating in the body. Hence, avoid heavy meals and switch to lighter and healthier foods such as chicken, eggs, or fish.
  • Take a shower before bedtime: Taking a shower cools the body instantly. You can take either a cold or lukewarm shower that will relax your body, and let you fall asleep easily. Remember, avoid taking hot showers as they could heat the body, ultimately making it difficult for you to sleep.
  • Consider exercising in the morning: When you exercise, your body heats up and you end up sweating. Hence, do avoid exercising close to bedtime, as this would mean a sweaty night and an uncomfortable sleep cycle. Instead, try working out in the morning or afternoon, depending on your schedule, and dedicate the night to a deep, calm, and unwinding sleep.
  • Pair down alternative cooling products: Along with cooling down alternative comforter, you can use a cooling pillow, mattress, or even a mattress topper that will together work to keep your body completely cool and maintain optimal temperature as you sleep.

5. Conclusion

The temperature of your environment plays an integral role when you want sound sleep. So, why suffer a hot, sweaty, and damp space when you can transform it into a cool, soothing, and rejuvenating experience by switching to a cooling down alternative comforter? The comforters absorb excessive sweat, keep the body cool, and feel naturally light on the skin as if you are sleeping tucked in a cloud.

However, any down alternative comforter that claims to offer cooling properties will not do the job. For that, you need to search for premium-graded and breathable variants from the house of certified manufacturers who have a reputation for providing the ultimate cooling experience that hot sleepers simply can't say no to. Among many cooling down alternative comforters in the market, PeaceNest PrimeSoft™ Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter can rank the first with the silky touch and excellent breathability to keep you cool all night long. 

The struggle of sleeping hot, sweaty, and damp is real. It not only alters your brain's ability to perform but lethality affects your body's performance, thus leaving a long-lasting physiological and psychological impact. You can save yourself from the woes of hot sleeping only by choosing the best cooling down alternative comforter.

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