10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads

A mattress pad can make a big difference in your good night’s sleep. It adds an extra layer of comfort and convenience to your bed mattress. However, choosing one is not an easy job. You have to go through plenty of choices in the online marketplace. And not to forget, they come in different sizes and ranges.

So, when you are looking for a new mattress pad that is budget-friendly and still just as good as some premium options, the word ‘budget’ can have a few different meanings regarding your mattress. However, it also carries with it the notion of what characteristic you are going to spend on the mattress.

Either way, we have found the 10 best budget king size mattress pads that are sure to meet your needs and provide excellent nights of sleep. This article is going to be your ultimate guide in choosing one of those quality and cheap king size mattress pad brands. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

1. 10 Best Cheap King Size Mattress Pads

We have tested out dozens of mattress pads and are happy to say that these are 10 of the best budget king size mattress pads we've found:

(1) PeaceNest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Fitted King Size Mattress Pad

The PeaceNest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Fitted Mattress Pad features three-layer construction. It has a soft-touch 100% cotton cover , as well as 100% hypoallergenic polyester fill to help ease your morning-time allergy symptoms. The bottom is a waterproof layer to prevent leakage. It’s OEKO-TEX certified which makes it even safe for sensitive skin. Its sides stretch easily and thus, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

No doubt, it’s a great option for those with pets or kids who love to splash around on the bed because it is machine washable and easy to care. With this, don't settle for less sleep because this mattress pad promises to keep you comfortable through the years!

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-PeaceNest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Fitted King Size Mattress Pad


  • Three-layer construction
  • Machine Washable
  • Certificated by OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Soft & Breathable Fabric
  • Fits Mattresses Up to 18" Deep

Price: $70.90 (king size)

Reviews: Have washed it a few times with no problems. Compared to prices at the local retail stores the price and quality for this particular purchase was excellent – Thomas K.

(2) Hyleory King Mattress Pad

Made with a high-quality microfiber fabric material and because of that, the surface feels cool and breathable to your body. It provides long-lasting silent protection. In terms of size, this cheap king size mattress pad measures 78 x 80 inches. It feels too soft and fluffy and eventually provides you with a good night’s sleep.

It also has an anti-dust, anti-odor, and anti-moth function to keep your room clean from external contaminants. Also featuring a deep pocket design that supports your sides during sleep and prevents back pain, this mattress pad is durable enough for everyday use.

What makes this most special is the 360-degree fabric sides that stretch up to 21 inches thick. So, it can be put up on all kinds of mattresses including memory foam, waterbed, and more.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-Hyleory King Mattress Pad


  • Microfiber fillings with utmost softness and fluffiness.
  • Machine washable under a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Easily captures moisture leaving no sweating on your body.
  • Highly durable makes it last for years.

Price: $24.55 

Reviews: Deep pockets fit over our pillow top mattress plus our memory foam topper, no problem. Soft but not overly puffy, this mattress pad is just the perfect amount of thickness for us. For the price, highly recommend – Sarah S

(3) Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress

Utopia Bedding’s cheap king size mattress pad provides the finest polyester materials to create a luxurious bedding experience for you. You will fall in love with the cozy feeling of super soft, premium quality materials. The high-density fibers fill the shell edge to make a firm foundation for your mattress while the exclusive design of this pad ensures air circulation ensuring you can sleep cool all night long. It is machine washable and you can tumble dry it at low temperature to keep it looking new for its next use. To sum up, it has been designed with 100% microfiber, a smooth grip system, elastic fitted, and much more.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress


  • Diamond pattern design
  • Breathable surface
  • Machine Washable
  • 360-degree smooth grip system
  • Fits up to 16 inches deep

Price: $26.49

Reviews: Works perfectly for replacing a pillow top on a mattress that has seen better days. I removed the foam from the pillow top and put in a 3-inch foam, used the cover and it was like having a new mattress. - Amazon Customer

(4) TASTELIFE Premium Bamboo King Size Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad

This is an organic-designed cheap king size mattress pad to gift or enhance the appearance of your bedroom. It has been crafted with a combination of bamboo and polyester that makes it more breathable and softer to the touch. Bamboo fiber technology provides higher cooling than cotton terry and above that, the presence of no chemical makes it a safe option for you.

If you want to upgrade your mattress or want to protect your mattress from spills, this is the perfect mattress protection pad. Also, it will not make any noises or change the feel of your mattress! Not to mention that it repels moisture along with protecting your mattress for a long time.

In case you feel dissatisfied with the product, it’s possible to return and get a replacement with the 30-day money-back guarantee option offered by the manufacturer.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-TASTELIFE Premium Bamboo King Size Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad


  • TPU Backing certified with SGS
  • Works with all kinds of mattresses
  • Friendly for kids and pets
  • Noiseless and Upgraded 3D Fabric
  • Ultra Soft and Noiseless

Price: $39.99

Reviews: Researched Bamboo vs. cotton- made the correct choice with Bamboo! Cover is of excellent quality, appearance, fit. Small size soft quilting, silent and cool sleep, fit my queen bed with a 12” mattress easily. Price was excellent and delivery was as expected. Don’t hesitate. - Jilvue

(5) Taupiri King Quilted Mattress Pad

If you want a luxury cheap king size mattress pad to give your home a pleasant and comfortable feel, Taupiri mattress pad is the right choice. The exceptional quality cotton/polyester fabric has been used to keep it breathable and to keep you cool. It’s sturdy enough to protect your mattress from damage and wear which will increase the lifespan of your mattress along with providing you a good night’s sleep.

No amount of movement can dislocate this pad from the place due to its elastic border. With the 360-degree elastic pocket, it fits on all kinds of mattresses. It’s available in three colors white, black, and light gray.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-Taupiri King Quilted Mattress Pad


  • User-Friendly Design
  • 21 inches thick with an elastic border
  • Breathable and soft microfiber
  • Quilted Fitted
  • Quickly adapts to your body temperature

Price: $36.99

Reviews: This is a very nice quilted mattress pad. Came vacuum-sealed in a compact package. Sometimes vacuum-sealed products have an odor when you release them, but this one did not. It was great straight out of the bag, but we washed it first before putting it on our bed. Been using it for a few weeks now and it’s great. No issues with it slipping off or shifting, and it adds a nice soft layer of comfort under the sheets. Kristan K.

(6) Unilibra Waterproof Mattress Pad

Keep your precious mattress safe for a long time and protected with this waterproof mattress pad. 100% TPU membrane keeps your mattress safe from liquid spills like urine, sweat, and drinks. Made from stretch knit fabric with a quilted design and double thick breathable cotton filling, this is designed for meeting all of your bedding needs.

It has improved seams, and an antimicrobial coating, and is machine washable. The best part is having all the fun and cuddling with your partner in bed without creating any noise. All thanks to its zero noise skin-friendly waterproof membrane.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-Unilibra Waterproof Mattress Pad


  • Double waterproof membrane
  • Stretch Skirt Fabric to bind easily with your mattress
  • Attractive Packaging and appealing design
  • Quilting Process

Price: $37.99

Reviews: Fits extra deep mattress well. Works well for moisture control. I have a 2yo who sleeps in this bed frequently and diaper overflow is inevitable. - Meg Mitcham

(7) Bioeartha Waterproof Mattress Pad

Bioeartha waterproof cheap king size mattress bed helps to bid adieu to a stressful day with quality sleep.  The air permeability and flexibility of the mattress pad make it easy to lay on. In addition, the comfortable elastic fitting in side skirts makes the mattress up to 8-18 inches deeply adjustable. It comes with high-quality fabric covering materials that fit perfectly together. This product is best for reducing sweat in summer and preventing heat from ruining your sleep.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-Bioeartha Waterproof Mattress Pad


Fitted Sheet Closure

Prevents leakage

Breathable surface layer

Pretty Easy to Clean

Price: $24.99

Reviews: Fits great and looks good. Have washed it twice with no shrinkage – Arthur Bolduc

(8) BedLuxury Mattress Pad King Size

Did you know that overfilled-down alternative filling is the best way to keep your mattress from getting soft? Yeah, we think so too. That's why we added this super fluffy and breathable mattress pad to our list. It's thicker than other mattress pads and lets you feel like you are in the heavenly clouds.

The gussets attached to it prevent the displacement of the bed. And not to forget that this mattress pad is coming at the best value price. In case of dissatisfaction, you can return or get a replacement under the 30 days money-back guarantee policy.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-BedLuxury Mattress Pad King Size


  • Extra thickness
  • Provides sweet sleep
  • Machine washable

Price: $89.55

Reviews: This topper is fluffy and cozy. The elastic stays in place and doesn’t shift. My overly firm mattress is improved with is topper. - Lori Dk

(9) SERTA ComfortSure Breathable Elastic Dobby Check

Cotton mattress pads are one of the most desirable mattress pads on the market. And the Serta mattress pad is fitted with an alternative fill that ensures ultimate loftiness during your sleep. It's made with the 100% 300 TC Cotton Dobby check along with 63gsm polyester.

This product feels more special because it comes from a company that has the reputation of serving innovative sleeping products for more than 90 years. No more will you have to suffer from the sweat or fear of liquid spills because it takes care of all your sleeping needs.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-SERTA ComfortSure Breathable Elastic Dobby Check


  • 100% Polyester
  • Super comfortable
  • Ultimate softness
  • Price: $59.99

Reviews: The best of both worlds for a medium firmness mattress - Bookwald

(10) Domicare Mattress Pad King Size

Domicare mattress pads are admired by sweet sleep lovers for their texture and diamond design. They are specially designed to make your bed more comfortable, protect against dirt and dust, and give you a silky, relaxing sleep.

With 2”-21” depth pockets and soft cotton wool filling these pads come in different sizes and designs to fit every type of mattress.

Each pad has checkered designs that keep the filling intact. This makes them look clean and elegant. It also prevents the filling from peeling off easily when you wash it at low temperatures.

10 Best Budget King Size Mattress Pads-Domicare Mattress Pad King Size


  • 360-degree fabric pocket
  • Pull-On Closure Type
  • Vacuum Bag Sealed
  • Machine Washable

Price: $32.99

Reviews:  Soft, Comfortable, Deep Pocket to fit even large pillowtop mattresses- Shawn D.

2. How to choose a right Mattress Pad


Cheap king size mattress pads are designed using a wide variety of materials with different thickness levels too. The material determines how comfortable and healthy your sleeping experience will be. Always make sure to buy a mattress pad with an organic, antibacterial, and waterproof material.

You can choose from cotton, polyester, memory foam, and so on but these three are pretty common. All these benefit your body in different ways as shown below:

Cotton is a perfect choice for those people who are looking for a soft and cushioned feel during sleep. Most importantly, it lasts long even after several washes. This fits for every season and you won’t be sweating a lot even on the hottest night by maintaining the temperature.

Polyester is a highly durable synthetic fiber and is considered best for those having allergies because of its hypoallergenic categories. In case you want an affordable choice, then a polyester mattress pad will suit you best.

Memory foam mattress pads are great in terms of offering support to your body. If you keep tossing and turning at night then nothing will be better than a memory foam mattress pad. It’s thick too, even while moving on the bed.


When it comes to the standard size of a king size mattress pad, it can vary from 76 inches wider and 80 inches long. If you don’t know about this, it can be difficult for you to choose the right mattress pad. You will have to consider the height and dimensions of the mattress before choosing any cheap king size mattress pad. However, there is another king size bed called California king mattress pad and they are narrow in size.


The thickness of a king size mattress can begin from a few inches to eight inches and more. It mainly depends on the type of material you choose. For example, feather filled will be thicker than polyester and cotton.


The best budget king size mattress pads for you will ultimately depend on your personal preference. Hopefully, this review has helped steer you to a mattress that can keep you comfortable while remaining at an affordable price.

You may be surprised at how affordable king size mattresses are nowadays, and the fact that they come with features once only found in the most expensive memory foam mattress models is just icing on the cake.

So, take a chance on one of these top ten cheap king size mattress pad options, and rest easy knowing that you've made a wise spending choice. Remember, your one small investment will provide you best night's sleep in months so don’t move away from taking the right decision.

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