Mattress Pad Queen Size vs. Mattress Pad Full Size

Not caring about the mattress size before and then compromising for an ill-fitted product is the worst shopping idea. You need to know all the proper sizes of a mattress pad queen or full or king categories. That is when you can choose the right mattress pad and get a fluffy bed. Different mattress sizes are available in the market, each of which has its dimensions. Choosing the wrong mattress pad for queen mattresses or a full mattress would make the bed even more uncomfortable and be a complete waste of money.

Are you confused now and going to avoid buying a mattress pad? Well, then you have to compromise with your sleep. Also, mattress pads protect beds from spills and dust to some extent. How can you avoid these advantages?

Move all these dilemmas and before going to buy the best mattress pad queen or any other size, know everything about the sizes and their differences. It will help you to buy the right mattress pad for durable use. Also, among so many available options in the market, this article is going to be an easy guide to decide the right product at an affordable price.

Part1. Full vs. Queen Dimensions Comparison Chart of A Mattress Pad

Full Mattress Pad

Width: 54 inches

Length:  75 inches

Best for:

  • Kids
  • Young adults
  • Couples who like to cuddle
  • Guest rooms with a single bed

Queen Mattress Pad

Width: 60 inches

Length: 80 inches

Best for:

  • Couples or taller adults who like to sprawl out

Comparison between a queen size mattress pad and a full size mattress pad

From the dimension chart, it is clear that a queen mattress pad topper is bigger than the other one. Now the main question is, will a full mattress pad fit a queen bed? On the other hand, will a queen mattress pad fit a full bed? And the simple answer is, that the alternative one is not at all suitable for the mattress. Each mattress has a particular dimension and instead of a general mattress pad, there are distinct types available with the aim to make the mattress more comfortable.

Mattress Pad Queen Size vs. Mattress Pad Full Size-Comparison between a queen size mattress pad and a full size mattress pad

While a queen size mattress pad is bigger for a kid's bed or single bed, a full size mattress topper won’t fit a queen mattress that is mainly used for some extra space on the bed. There is a flip side for both the products with benefits as well as demerits. While looking for the best queen size mattress pad or full size mattress cover, all these ideas need to be clear. Also, to choose the right product for your mattress, you need to know the features of both these mattress covers. It can also help you to buy the right mattress for your bed.

Part2. The Pros and Cons of a Queen Bed


More space: Queen beds have more space compared to a full bed. So, according to the room size and sleeper requirement, this bed can be big enough to provide a comfortable sleep. Also, while buying mattress pads for queen size beds, the dimension needs to be noted properly to get the right products.

Suitable for couples: Couples who want to have a cozy bed with enough space for two sleepers should go for a queen bed. They don’t need to compromise with the space; neither there would be too much extra space in the bed. Also, the best mattress pad for a queen bed can enhance the sleeping experience even more.

Suitable for a single person with a pet: Not only for couples but a queen bed can be equally comfortable for a single sleeper who has a pet. Those who want to share a bed with their pet can easily do so, on a queen size bed with ample space.

Great for single sleepers with more height: Someone with more height or someone who loves to toss and turn during sleep can go for a queen size bed. It has the perfect dimension to allow single sleepers to sleep in a wide space. A queen bed mattress pad would help the sleepers be more snug on the bed.

Fits in most of the bedrooms: Despite being larger in dimensions, a queen bed can fit in almost any type of room easily. Also, this dimension is quite suitable and balanced for the maximum standard room size.  

Popular bed size: Queen is one of the most popular bed sizes on the market. That’s why bed accessories like mattresses, covers, queen mattress pads, and toppers are easily available. So sleepers don’t need to hustle to find the right add-ons to make the bed perfect for their sleep.

Mattress Pad Queen Size vs. Mattress Pad Full Size-The Pros and Cons of a Queen Bed


Expensive compared to a full size bed: As a queen bed is larger, it is more costly than a full size bed. Likewise, everyone cannot afford this bed. Also, maintenance cost is high for this bed.  

Heavier to move: Queen size bed is heavier and harder to move for its dimension. People who frequently shift can have a problem with this bed. Also, with mattress pads queen bed, it would even more challenging to move the bed, even for regular cleaning.

Takes up more space: Queen size beds take more space and sometimes it disturbs the whole balance of the room interior. Lots of spaces are required to fit the bed and adjust all its accessories like mattress, pads, queen size mattress pad protector, etc. So, there is less space left for other furniture to adjust.

Smaller for couples who enjoy personal space: Dual sleepers who love to sprawl out or have a small baby or pet need to compromise on a queen bed. Queen size is only suitable for dual sleepers who want a cozy bed.

Part3. The Pros and Cons of a Full Bed


Perfect for single sleepers: Single sleepers who don’t share their bed should go for a full bed. The dimension is perfect for a single sleeper with not much extra space on the bed. With the right mattress and mattress pad, a full bed would be more comfortable to sleep in.

Ideal for kids: A full bed is best for the kids for its dimension. Kids can sleep peacefully on the bed with some room for them to toss and turn. Also, this bed gets fit in a kid’s room easily, so there is no tension to find any smaller bed or mattress for the kids.

Can be fit in any standard room: Any small or standard room is suitable for a full bed. It doesn’t take much space, allowing the room interior to look balanced and there would be spaces for other furniture as well.

Affordable: A full bed is comparatively cheaper than a queen size bed. So, most people can afford it. Also, the maintenance expenses are lower than the queen size bed with the same durability. As there is no extra space left after one sleeper, this bed is worth the cost.

Easier to move: Full bed is comparatively lighter in weight and due to its smaller dimensions, it is easy to move it. So, while cleaning the room or shifting somewhere else, a full bed doesn’t become a problem.

Mattress Pad Queen Size vs. Mattress Pad Full Size-The Pros and Cons of a Full Bed


Not suitable for couples: Full bed is not made for couples to sleep regularly. The width and height are not at all satisfactory for dual sleepers. It can cause irritation and disturbed sleep, which is harmful to health. Also, single sleepers who have any pets cannot share this narrow bed.

Too short for tall people: People with a height of more than 5 feet 10 inches should not use a full size bed as it won’t be comfortable. This dimension is only suitable for people with short or average height.

Not so popular: According to a study by MattressAdvisor, only 21% of customers buy a full mattress while 32% buy a queen mattress. Likewise, it is clear which bed is more popular and in demand in the market. It will also indicate that finding accessories for a full bed like mattress, covers, toppers, etc. won’t be easy.

Both the beds have their advantages and some disadvantages from the user’s perspective. All these comparisons are pointed out to help the customers to make the right decision. After noting all this information, you need to choose between a mattress pad full or queen size based on your sleeping pattern, bed type, and the number of sleepers.

Part4. FAQs about Mattress Pad

Is a mattress pad the same as a mattress topper?

We often use mattress pads and mattress toppers interchangeably but they have different functions. A mattress pad is used to make the bed more comfortable along with providing a cover for accidental spills and dust. On the other hand, mattress toppers are used to manipulate the mattress’s feel with extra pressure relief. Note that, a mattress pad is mostly used for a new mattress whereas a topper can be used with an old mattress for longer durability.

Mattress Pad Queen Size vs. Mattress Pad Full Size-FAQs about Mattress Pad

Is a Full Bed the Same Size as a Queen?

No, a full bed is smaller in dimension than a queen size. There are several sizes of single and king-size beds. Consequently, a queen size mattress pad cover is wider and longer than a full mattress pad. While buying a mattress cover, measure the bed size properly to get the right cover that can enhance its quality.

Is a Queen or Full Bed Better?

Both queen and full beds are good bed sizes, depending on the room size and personal requirements. A full bed is suitable for a single or taller person with ample space to sprawl out. However, a queen bed is better for couples. Before purchasing the mattress cover, know the right size of your bed, whether it’s full, queen, or of any other size.

Is a Full Bed Big Enough for Couples?

Yes, a full bed is a good fit for couples. However, for those who prefer some extra space in the bed or have a taller height, then the larger queen size bed would be the right one. Also, get a suitable mattress pad to make the bed better for a tight sleep.

What Is the Most Popular Mattress Pad Size?

There are different types of mattress pad sizes like a queen size mattress pad, full mattress pad, single or twin mattress pad, etc. There is no one popular size as each mattress requires a suitable pad to make the bed more comfortable. An ill-fitted mattress pad like a queen mattress pad on a full bed can irritate and ruin the quality of the mattress.

Do I need a Mattress pad?

Yes, if you don’t want to ruin your mattress quality or want to change it frequently, get a mattress pad. It will make the mattress more comfortable along with protecting it from dust and spills. There are different types of mattress pads available with different qualities and sizes. Choose the right one for a nice bed.

Do I need a Mattress topper?

You need a mattress topper to regulate your body temperature, get extra pressure during sleep at night, and feel cozy. It can also help to increase the use-life of the mattress by one or two years. This is not mandatory but can add an extra comfort layer to your bed. It has different sizes too like a queen mattress pad topper.

Part5. Conclusion

Many of us consider a queen bed mattress pad similar to a full size mattress cover and regret it after using it. To not repeat this further, this article is a quick guide for all the people who love to make their bed extra comfortable and suitable with mattress pad cover for different purposes like protecting the mattress or adjusting its top.

You never really think about it but the best mattress pad cover plays a crucial role in the perfect sleep. And a perfect sleep makes someone feel fresh all day. So, invest some time in learning these small facts about mattresses and mattress pads for queen size beds, king-size beds, or single beds. And let your bed absorb all the tiredness you have instantly.

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