Back Support Mattress Pad or Back Support Mattress Topper?

Back pain can make your day hard while working, but it can be more challenging at night while sleeping. It can be tough to find a comfortable position so that you can have an uninterrupted sleep at night. Good sleep is very important for your health and your daily routine. Studies have proved that a person with better sleep sleeps 18 to 23 minutes longer than a person with poor health conditions. Studies have also proved that not getting enough amount of sleep can cause an increase in back pain.

The uneven disruptions in the spinal cord are the primary cause of back pain. Thus, if you want a good sleep night without interruption, finding a back support mattress pad can help you. A vast variety of back support mattress pads are available in the market. You can also buy these mattress pads online. A mattress can be said best if that supports the spinal cord and promotes even alignment. This can reduce back pain and give you a deep sleep without interruption. Every mattress can feel different for every person. So, choosing your best back support mattress pad becomes very important.

Back Support Mattress Pad or Back Support Mattress Topper?-Mattress Pads vs. Mattress Toppers

1.Mattress Pads vs. Mattress Toppers

Let’s see the difference between the mattress pads and mattress toppers. Although there isn't much difference between these two mattresses, the use of these things is different. So, let us see the difference between them.

Mattress Pads

A mattress pad is a thin layer of coating applied to the mattress. These pads are made up of different materials like cotton, wool, feather, latex, synthetic fibers, or memory foams. Thus, this adds an extra protection layer to the mattress. Mattress pads will make your bed much softer and will protect your bed from damage, spills, and stains. Thus, back support mattress pads will also help you get a good amount of sleep; as it is softer, they will also help you get rid of the back pain. The mattress pads are much thinner when compared with a mattress topper. So, they can be cleaned quickly, and some mattress pads are machine washable. They have a fitted sheet with zippers or straps at the corner to tuck under the mattress. This prevents the pad from moving while you are changing the sleeping positions. Different types of mattress pads are available in the market.

(1)Cotton Mattress Pads

Everyone loves cotton mattresses due to their plush and durability. These mattresses are more durable and thus last for a long time. Although they are highly durable, they are also very affordable. But the price increases if you choose organic cotton. But the issue that this mattress has is protection from spills. As cotton is a highly absorbent material, it cannot protect the spills or wetness. It will transfer this to your mattress, which could also damage your bed.

(2)Wool Mattress Pads

These are highly recommended for people who are suffering from back pain. These wool mattress pads are very soft, breathable, and moisture resistant. Therefore, these back support mattress pads may be ideal for your back pain. The use of pillows with these soft mattress pads can also provide relief to your back pain. These mattresses are made from sheep wool; thus, they are a somewhat expensive natural fiber.

Although these mattress pads are hard to maintain, most of these mattresses cannot be washed by the machine, so we need to make some extra effort to clean and maintain the mattress pads. These wool mattresses can be also unable to prevent spills, as the wool is an excellent absorbent. It soaks all the liquid into it. Thus, this mattress can also be damaged as the wool mattress pads cannot soak liquid into it.

(3)Feather Mattress Pads

These mattress pads contain feathers of ducks and geese. These mattress pads are soft, cozy, and warm but too expensive.

(4)Fiber Mattress pads

These are the mattress pads that are made with synthetic material, or we can call them synthetic fiber. These materials are also called fiberfill. These mattress pads are spill proof thus can be used roughly. But these fiber mattress pads may be noisy for some people. This mattress's maintenance can be difficult as it cannot be machine washed.

(5)Latex mattress Pads

Latex mattress contains both natural and synthetic fibers into it. Depending on thickness, these mattress pads offer a bouncing effect to the person. They are expensive and also spill-proof. These mattress pads work well when the latex Mattress and the latex Mattress pads are used together.

Mattress Toppers

Back Support Mattress Pad or Back Support Mattress Topper?-Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are somewhat thicker than the mattress pads. These mattress toppers are used to change the feel of your original mattress. The extra layer, which is due to the mattress topper, can provide extra support to the mattress. Mattress toppers have been used to add plush or firmness to the bed. Mattress toppers can give you an extra layer of protection from wear and tear. But they cannot effectively protect the spills and stains. There are different types of mattress toppers which can be classified as follows.

  • Memory foam Mattress Toppers
  • Latex Mattress Toppers
  • Wool Mattress Toppers
  • Featherbed Mattress Toppers

2.How to Choose a Mattress Topper for Back Support

Back Support Mattress Pad or Back Support Mattress Topper?-How to Choose a Mattress Topper for Back Support


The feel of the mattress is very important in reducing back pain. It can reduce your back pain. Various back support mattress pads are available in the market. This feel will make you sleep easily and can be very comfortable for you. This will give you complete sleep, which is very important to stay healthy and fit. Thus, the feel of the mattress pads or toppers is very important.


The mattress can be the heaviest lifting thing on its own. You can also have an innerspring mattress or an ortho foam core mattress. But in the end, support is the most important thing, which is the most important thing as it is the base of everything.

If you want relief from back pain, firm support can be your best option. The mattress support system is quite capable of giving relief to back pain. The topper's firmness helps reduce back pain and keeps your mattress in good condition.

Sleeping Position

The sleeping position, body weight, and back pain make up for how the pressure points react with the mattress or mattress toppers. Because it is dependent on the pressure points, these pressure points need high support and comfort. The mattress topper should have good support to reduce back pain and give you a good amount of sleep. Concerning back pain, only having good comfort is important, but firmness and density are equally important.

As the mattress also has good support for back pains, the topper can increase support and relieve pressure from your back, which can help you to reduce your back pain. When you sleep on either side, the shoulder is the pressure point, which needs maximum support and comfort, and your spinal cord also needs more support and comfort to reduce back pain. Thus, you can find back support mattress pads in the market, which can vary according to your sleeping position.


The thickness of the mattress or the mattress toppers determines the life expectancy of the mattress. The thickness of the mattress should ideally be 4 inches. This ensures the balance and the support of the mattress.

A thick mattress pad will be a better option for helping in the reduction of back pain. The reason for this is that the thick mattress pad offers extra support and comfort, which can eventually help you reduce back pain and have a great sleep. The thickness of the mattress toppers also ensures that the mattress does not have any wear and tear and helps protect the mattress.

Pressure relief

The pressure relieving capacity of the mattress is very important when the concept of back pain is involved in it. The pressure relief is very important as you need your muscle to relax comfortably. The back support mattress can offer extraordinary support to align your posture. But the mattress topper helps your muscles to relax and relieve the pain from it.


The main reason the mattress topper is used is to protect the mattress from damage. As the mattress toppers are available in thick sizes, it increases the life expectancy of the mattress. Mattress toppers also help to get rid of stains and spills from the mattress. The toppers can be easily cleaned and reused.


What kind of mattress topper is best for back support?

Memory foam is the most popular mattress topper, which is generally used for back support. If you are a person who sleeps on his back or either side, this mattress topper will relieve the pressure and will make you feel relaxed.

What is the best mattress topper for lower back and hip pain?

Memory foam, polyfoam, and latex topper are the best for the back support. This can even work better for lower back pain. These types of mattress toppers mold to the sleeping person's body and help relieve pressure, and they also support the spinal cord alignment.

Is a memory foam topper good for your back?

Yes, a memory foam topper is the best for your back. They help you to provide relief to the pressure points, and they also reduce back pain. This is available with all mattress types.


In this article, we have seen the actual use of the mattress pads and mattress toppers and also have gone across various back support mattress pads. This mattress pad will help you get rid of the back pain and help you to relax. Also, these mattress toppers or pads provide relief to the pressure points and help you to sleep with ease. These are the most recommended back support mattress pads.

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