The Best Mattress Pads for Back Pain

Now that Covid is almost gone, we're all compelled to leave our houses and work all day. Some of us have a physical job wherein we strain our bodies. On the other hand, some of us have an office job, wherein we strain our minds all day by sitting in a closed cabin all day. The commonality in these both is however backaches. Moving out of our comfortable homes where we lay on couches all day during work from home is indeed a hassle. Our bodies had become used to the comfort of home and now when it's being exposed to sudden discomfort, muscle spasms, and backaches have become a common phenomenon.

The common causes of backache are generally

  • Excessive strain on the back
  • Improper sitting posture
  • Injuries to the back muscles/spinal cord
  • Improper sleeping posture
  • Uncomfortable mattresses

According to a study, the mattress of a person determines a lot about how his/her say would go. If the mattress is comfortable, it provides the person with a comfortable deep sleep which helps avoid backaches, headaches, and body pain. Hence, it's important to ensure that you use a comfortable and the best mattress pad for back pain! Well if you're someone who undergoes recurring backaches, get rid of it with the best mattress pad for back pain. Today we'll take a look at the major cause of back pain and how mattress pads help back pain.

11 Best Mattress Pads for Back Pain

1.Brooklyn bedding

Price: $224

The mattress topper is perfect for those who enjoy a medium level of firmness. The mattress topper supports your spine and back perfectly and hence is useful for those who need help with their back pain. The constituent material is foam and the topper provides the right amount of cushioning for your back! The mattress topper also provides motion isolation and pressure relief!

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Brooklyn bedding

Customer Reviews:

  • Not too soft, not hot. I am happy with it, and so is my wife.
  • I'm a side sleeper and have always preferred a firm mattress. In recent months I have been experiencing hip and knee pain when sleeping at night. I would awaken several times because of pain and had to reposition to get relief. I ordered a two inch memory foam topper from Brooklyn Bedding to add some softness to my mattress. Since then, I have not wakened to pressure point joint pain once. Shipping was quick.

2.Birch organic mattress topper

Price: $400

Best suitable for hot sleepers, this mattress topper has got a medium hardness level. The feel of latex on the topper provides cushioning and comfort. The material is derived from natural sources as well, and hence it is non-toxic and safe to use. The mattress topper is best recommended for those who prefer eco shopping!

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Birch organic mattress topper


Customer Reviews:

  • This topper has been a great add to our mattress. We are both side sleepers and it is just the right softness for both of us. Our memory foam mattress was just slightly too firm for my wife, and this has proven to resolve the issue!
  • As if the mattress weren't awesome enough, this is just the right touch on top to feel like you are sleeping on a supportive cloud :)

3.Tempur pedic

Price: $251.40 after discount

The mattress topper is perfect for those who prefer to sleep on either their backs or side. This product can help those who often experience shooting pain in their spine while sleeping. The mattress topper is significantly thick and hence provides ample comfort. The core comprises highly durable Tempur foam; best for those who are looking for a long-term comfortable mattress topper.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Tempur pedic

Customer Reviews:

  • I love every single purchase I have made over the last 14 years. Message bed, pillows, travel pad, and topper. I choose to offer myself great comfort since my beloved passed. I am grateful to Tempur Pedic and am confident I will replace my current bed with another when it's time. Thank you!
  • Purchased for my husband who works on an offshore supply vessel. The bunk mattress in his cabin is of decent quality, but a bit too soft to provide the support he needs for his back and legs. The Tempurpedic Topper gives him that extra degree of support to get a good night's sleep while onboard ship. It doesn't compress much and easily regains shape, which means it will last for some time. Definitely recommend!

4.Silk and Snow Organic Mattress Topper

Price: $243

This is an amazing mattress topper choice for those who prefer medium firmness mattress toppers. The best suited for back and stomach sleepers, this mattress topper provides ample comfort. Moreover, the firmness level is adjustable as well, making it a perfect choice for the picky ones. Made of cotton, the Mattress topper is perfect for summer nights! The organic mattress topper also consists of all-natural materials and is hence recommended for environmentally conscious people.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Silk and Snow Organic Mattress Topper

Customer Reviews:

  • Had high hopes, but after a couple weeks it still smells, and it doesn't provide any cooling benefit, it feels warm.
  • I am extremely pleased with this organic topper. It was fantastic to get a product that you open up and it doesn’t smell. Perfect for people like me with many allergies and chemical sensitivity. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a comfortable topper.

5.Turmerry organic mattress topper

Price: $190

Best suited for the pickiest customers, this mattress topper is available in multiple firm choices. The mattress is a total value for money. Moreover, the mattress is comprised of eco-friendly material and hence it is perfect for eco-friendly shoppers.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Turmerry organic mattress topper

Customer Reviews:

  • I love the topper, I had ordered a medium but it was too firm so I gave it to a family member who loves it. I figured I'd give tyrmerry another try and ordered a soft. I absolutely love it, have less joint and back pain then I had in a long time, and I don't burn up w heat like I did with MULTIPLE memory foam toppers and down alternatives. My mattress is a sealy and only 2yrs old and it's miserable "hybrid" mattress. It's made my nights so much better that I'm close to trashing the sealy and replace it with your mattress! Meanwhile I've ordered pillows and reccomend your products to everyone! The customer service was quick to reply and helped get my second order out quickly and I couldn't be happier. I'm a lifer now thank you Turmerry! 
  • This mattress topper is excellent! I am a side sleeper and got the 3 inch median firm topper. This topper offers just the right amount of softness and helped get rid of shoulder pain when I was sleeping on an extra firm mattress without the topper. The topper has some weight to it, it may look like a lightweight sponge but it's heavy. I got the Turmerry cotton cover too but I still cover it with bed sheets so that I don't need to wash the cotton cover too often. I have been using this topper for a month now and have been having comfortable sleep!

6.Plushbeds natural latex topper

Price: $337

Although expensive, this is one of the best mattress toppers on the market. It offers multiple firmness and thickness options and is comprised of high-quality foam. Perfect for hot sleepers, the breathable latex on the surface of the mattress topper ensures that the topper remains cool at all times.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Plushbeds natural latex topper

Customer Reviews:

  • Best quality ever. I would recommend this for people with back pain problems.
  • The topper adds softness to the top of our medium firm mattress. It does not have a bad odor as some memory foam toppers do. Over all we are pleased.

7.Perfectly snug smart topper

Price: $859

This mattress topper comes with a temperature controller and is perfect for those who sleep either too cold or too hot. Comfortable for  sweaty sleepers, this mattress topper ensures you get a comfortable deep sleep. The mattress topper is highly customizable and justifies its price tag. The cover of the mattress topper is removable and machine washable making it a long -term choice.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Perfectly snug smart topper

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth every penny! My husband and I haven’t slept so well in ages. The duel zoning and schedule set up is brilliant. Easy to use app, easy to follow instructions for set up. The impeccable customer service cannot be beat.
  • We found The Smart Topper to be a great assist to our sleep patterns. “Reduced waking during sleep” Easy to install by virtue of the sophisticated software.

8.Ghostbed memory foam topper

Price: $215 after discount

A Waterproof mattress topper, this mattress topper also protects users against liquid spills. Best suited for side and back sleepers, the mattress topper also provides a comfortable sleep to the ones who tend to toss and turn during their sleep. The mattress topper is divided into 5 different zones with variable firmness levels. All in all, this is one of the best economy mattress toppers.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Ghostbed memory foam topper

Customer Reviews:

  • I love my mattress topper. It is so comfortable and I don't wake up with my shoulder and hip hurting. I've only had it for about a month so I don't know how it will hold it's memory. I'm hoping it holds up well, because it is so comfortable I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings.
  • We love our new GhostBed Topper, sleeping like a baby.

9.Viscosoft select high density mattress topper

Price: $159.95

The mattress topper is perfect for back and side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. Comprised of memory foam, the mattress topper is a highly comforting one. Moreover, they have infused mattresses with lavender or activated charcoal, making it a better choice than many other mattress toppers!

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Viscosoft select high density mattress topper

Customer Reviews:

  • I tried other toppers, but didn't give me the support I needed. I've found sleeping on my right hip to be painful for many years, but pain has disappeared since I purchased the Viscosoft mattress topper. Pricey (since it is a Cal King), but definitely worth the price.
  • I have a firm queen mattress on a platform bed no boxspring. I thought a mattress topper would make it softer. It did, however 4 inch topper might be too thick.Hard to turn over. I am 6 foot 2 220 pounds. My back and shoulders do feel better. The shipping process was good. The box was half opened. No damage. Minimal smell.

10.Sleep innovations 4-inch dual layer gel memory foam mattress topper

Price: $89

If you prefer a thick gel memory foam mattress topper that relieves stress and pressure, well this mattress topper might be what you're looking for. The mattress provides instant comfort and also comes with inbuilt cooling gel making it perfect for hot sleepers with strain on their backs.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Sleep innovations 4-inch dual layer gel memory foam

Customer Reviews:

  • Yeah, it's technically a "2-part" topper, but the title really makes it look like you're getting a foam topper of the thickness you choose. I guess the foam plus cotton pad is supposed to be 4" but I was disappointed to order a 4" topper and get 2" of foam plus a kind of dinky little cover. A cotton and polyester protector is not memory foam, and it doesn't really make any difference in softness. If this had said "2-inch foam topper plus protector" it would be far more accurate, and I would have ordered 3" or 4" of actual foam somewhere else.
  • Incredibly comfortable. I got perfect support and give. All the positive reviews on comfort are spot on. The size was also just right. It was a dream right up until we overheated. We slept with window open to a deep freeze and used just a sheet. I have spoken to a lot of people about memory foam and it tends to be individual, who will run hot on it and who will not. We are giving it to a friend who runs cold and whose house is very drafty. If you do not tend to overheat, this is a superb topper. Really sad to give it up.

11.Lucid 4-inch gel memory foam mattress topper

Price: $150

One of the softest economy mattress toppers, this mattress topper comes with inbuilt memory foam. The mattress topper is the best fit for those who are looking for economical yet soft mattress toppers. You also get temperature regulation with the mattress topper and hence it is even more comfortable.

The Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain-Lucid 4-inch gel memory foam mattress topper

Customer Reviews:

  • Had to buy this because I'm pregnant and can no longer sleep on my back... which would kill on my hard mattress. Needed something soft for my aching joints and muscles, but had to be small enough for my side of bed. So I got the size made for a single bed and it is exactly half of my king bed! The most comfortable sleep I've had since the beginning of pregnancy!
  • Very comfortable. Definitely a soft “topper” for a mattress, air bed, hide-away, etc. The package is small (considering is size). It needs a couple of days to expand and air out. I wouldn’t use it as a stand-alone bed. Might be ok for kids, As an adult, I could feel my elbows and hips touching the floor. Overall a great topper for a good price.

What causes back pain while sleeping?

Back pain, while sleeping is one of the most common types of musculoskeletal conditions. The cause is generally assumed to be sleeping in an awkward position, with your spine bending into an unnatural shape. But what causes back pain while sleeping?

There are many causes of back pain while sleeping, including an imbalance in your spine, poor posture during sleep, and bad habits like sleeping on your side or stomach. Back pain can also result from a condition that prevents you from being able to relax your back muscles; for example, if you have arthritis or other medical conditions that cause painful joints.

However, in case you experience lower back pain while sleeping, it may be caused by several factors. Stress and age should not cause pain while sleeping, but if they do it is important to treat them immediately. A lack of exercise and a poor diet can lead to muscle strain that leads to nerve damage and pain. If you are having consistent lower back pain during the night, contact your doctor immediately.

Now the important question arises, “Will a mattress pad help back pain?” Or “what is the best mattress pad for lower back pain” Well, to a great extent. So let’s move further to the next section to understand better about mattress pads for back pain relief.

Can A Mattress Pad Help With Back Pain?

The common causes of back pain during sleep include the following: Your mattress is too soft or too firm. When you sleep on a bed that's too soft, it tends to displace your body weight. As a result, your muscles and joints get tired or strained as your weight sinks lower into the mattress. This can lead to waking up with back pain. Sleeping on a mattress that's too hard can also cause back pain because it forces you to sleep at an angle without proper support. Hence, getting a hard mattress pad for back pain could be a great idea. A good mattress pad for back pain could be your gateway to escaping recurring backaches.

A mattress pad does inevitably add comfort to your sleep and mattress pads for bad back could be your resort to escaping the much painful back pain. However, mattress toppers could enhance what a mattress pad does. A mattress pad will protect the mattress and add to its comfort. However, a mattress topper is one step ahead as it not only protects the mattress but also supports your body while you sleep. A mattress topper helps you sleep in the right posture and on a comfortable bed that is neither too hard, nor too soft.

How to choose the best mattress topper for back pain?

Choosing the right mattress topper is important. The market is filled with a lot of brands; however, the right brand must qualify certain criteria. Here are the most important things you must consider while buying a mattress topper


Materials of mattress toppers are one of the important things to consider, especially when it comes to selecting a new mattress. You can protect your old mattress by adding a new layer or material toppers, like memory foam or latex.


There are a lot of mattress toppers on the market. However, some of them have substandard quality and are overpriced. Conducting a small survey by visiting multiple stores before buying a mattress topper is important to not overpay!


Different mattress toppers have different firmness depending on the constituent material. Some people like it firmer while others like it soft, and hence this is a personal choice. Ensure that you get a mattress topper that you find the most comfortable.


The right thickness of the mattress topper is the one that gives your backrest and something to lay on. The right thickness is again subjective, the right thickness is the one that gives you the perfect amount of comfort.


Mattress toppers can be helpful to people suffering from back pain, especially if you choose the product that has the right amount of support and density. Mattress toppers help relieve back pain by providing another layer of padding that reduces pressure points, while also adding extra comfort. These mattress toppers are also designed to relieve pressure off of your joints and muscles so that you sleep better at night. Moreover, they can help enhance the quality of your night’s sleep.

If you're suffering from back issues and struggling with muscle complications, you must consider buying mattress pads and toppers for back pain today! Shop our mattress topper collection today. Reach out to us today and get the best deals on mattress toppers!

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