Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter

Every one of us has a favorite sleeping position. And as such, we have our selection of mattresses, pillows, sheets, and comforters. This help provides sound sleep for us. But some people choose designs and looks even in sheets and comforters to make their bedroom classy. But you cannot keep on buying these things. Also, do you want to play tug of war at night with your partner? No right. Sharing a comforter can be very stressful. So, why not choose a reversible king comforter which will give you a sound sleep and elevate your room's design. Now you have the choice of buying a reversible king comforter set that will give you the liberty to show off both sides of your comforters. 

As you decide to shop for a king size reversible comforter, you must keep in mind that it fits perfectly the size of your bed. If you have a king-size bed, the common measurement of a king reversible comfort set should be 102 inches wide and 86 to 88 inches long. Before learning more about reversible comforters, let us first understand what a comforter is.

1. What does a comforter mean?

When it comes to a comforter, it is a bedding item consisting of two parts – fabric combined with some necessary filling for keeping us warm and providing comfort. It is generally used in winter, but lightweight comforters give you comfort and warmth all through the year. It is available in various sizes, and you can choose according to the size of your mattress.

 Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-What does a comforter mean?

2. What is a reversible comforter?

A reversible comforter means a comforter that is reversible and has patterns and designs on both sides of the comforter. So, you can use it back and forth. 

Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-What is a reversible comforter

As it shows on the picture, it is PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set, which has velvet fabric on one side, and lamb velvet on the other side, giving the bring you buttery soft and warm touch. Wha's more, the vibrant colors and classic lustrous beauty of this velvet comforter set adds elegant vibes into your bedroom décor. If you want to learn more about what is a good reversible comforter, then you can have a check this product.

3. Guide on how to choose the best comforter

There is no hard and fast rule to identifying the best kind of comforter. But you must have adequate knowledge about your location's fabric, its filling, warmth, and weather condition to find the best comforter that suits you. Also, knowing about its washing instructions can help maintain your comforter.

Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-The fabric of the comforter

The fabric of the comforter

Various fabrics are available for comforters. Each fabric type has its benefits. The comforters made of cotton give a soft feeling naturally, making them the most popular comforters. They are breathable and this means they are the type of comforters that will keep you warm during winter and cool in summer. But in recent times, microfiber has been gaining much popularity. They are lightweight and affordable. They even last longer & are easy to maintain.

Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-Filling of the comforter

Filling of the comforter

The popular sets of comforters include certain natural fillings like wool and cotton. The cotton comforter is more breathable, and the wool comforter can be the best option for winter as it is warm. There are synthetic fillings, too, which include microfiber and polyester. These fillings help in making the comforter lightweight, easily washable, and appropriate during the summer & winter seasons.


A good comforter should be chosen based on determining the level of warmth it provides. The comforter's warmth is based on the construction technique of the comforter. If square boxes are sewn in the comforter, it makes the comforter fluffier and warmer. 

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning comforters can be hectic. But you need to maintain hygiene. That is why while buying a comforter, make sure whether the comforter is machine washable or not.

4. How to sleep with a comforter in summer?

As everyone has different sleeping habits, one very common habit is sleeping under a comforter. This is true even in summer. When it is very hot outside, your body's natural drop may not be enough to make you fall asleep. You can try these things to help you sleep even with the comforter. Take a quick shower which will cool down your temperature. Or try to invest in a cooling pillow. It will lower your temperature and prevent you from getting overheated. You can also stick your feet out of the comforter, lowering your temperature and making you fall asleep in summer.

5. How to level up your bed with a reversible king comforter?

A bed is not only the place where you rest your head. It is the visual representation and centerpiece of your bedroom. It displays the owner's style and décor taste. When it comes to designing your bedroom, the piece of furniture which attracts everybody most is the bed. Before buying anything, try to create a mental picture of it in your head. Take note of your room's color with which you can match your perfectly designed bed. Clear your mind with the facts about what you want in your bedroom. It can be an aesthetic theme or full of paintings in your room or a stack of pillows on your bed.

Start with the base

The base of any bed is its frame. Though it is hidden beneath the mattress, never underestimate the importance of a good bed frame. With the frame, you can start decorating your bedroom.

The next step: Mattress

After finding the perfect bed frame tries to find the ideal mattress which will fulfill all your requirements. Don't just go for exclusive designs but focus on support and comfort. 

Bed sheets

As you want to make your bed perfect and beautiful but be very careful while choosing the material of your bed sheets. Depending on the material, it might impact your sleep.


A comforter will provide warmth and coziness to you. But as you also want to level up your bedroom, go for a reversible comforter king size with its reversible quality. You can have two options to design your bed in two different ways. Just as this photo below shows, the PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set, it has elegant grey on one side and white on the other side, which can decorate your bedroom with different styles.

Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set


Last but not least, pillows can elevate the look of your bed. You can opt for decorative pieces or comfortable ones according to your convenience.

Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-Pillows

6. Why should you buy a reversible king comforter?

Comforters play a major role in sound sleep. You don't want to buy a comforter that does not suit you. So, before taking any decision, be sure you buy the best one in terms of style and comfort. So, get yourself a reversible king comforter set that will make you comfortable simultaneously and improve the look of your room. And they are budget-friendly too.

For all seasons- Reversible king comforter can be perfect for all seasons. The right comforter will keep you warm without overheating. They are meant to keep you covered every season. They have lighter weight and less filling.

Cost-effective-A reversible king comforter is very cost-effective. As you get two designs in one reversible comforter, you don't need to buy two comforters which will save you money. 

Renovate the look quickly- If you have two different colors or designs on both sides of the comforter, you can easily change it according to your room décor. You can also style your comforter with different combinations of pillows and sheets.

Designs and patterns- Reversible king comforter comes in various designs and patterns. It gives you the liberty to style your bedroom in unique styles.

7. How to choose the perfect reversible comforter?

We spend a significant amount of time in our lives sleeping. Our bedding, mattresses, and pillows are essential to how well we sleep. To make your room a perfect place to sleep, never underestimate the importance of bedding, mattress, and pillow. This is important because only the right bedding will help you sleep peacefully. A comforter is one such bedding item. It helps to maintain the perfect temperature needed to get the best sleep. Here are some issues people face while buying the perfect reversible comforter and solutions.

If you are a hot sleeper- Sleeping in a hot environment can negatively impact your sleep quality. So, choose a comforter that is made of sustainable fabrics. Go for something soft and fluffy comforter. 

Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter- hot sleeper

If you are allergic- If you are allergic, try using a reversible down comforter king. 

If you want to choose the most cost-effective ones- You may be thinking of switching your comforter, but comforters are expensive. It is better to buy king-size reversible comforter sets so that you can choose from four designs and patterns. You can keep switching it, giving a new look to your bedroom. 

If you want to offer more warmth- The comforter's filling decides the comforter's warmness. So, choose a comforter with wool filling, which is a good insulator. Down-filling comforter can also be a great option. They are warmer than wool comforters but are less fluffy.

8. Comforter and Coverlet

When it comes to comforter and coverlet, there are a lot of similarities. Both the comforter and coverlet have different kinds of patterns that can uplift the design of your room.  But there are some differences too. A comforter is a thicker and warmer material, but coverlets are thinner and have a cool material. A comforter can be good for decor and us, but a coverlet can be used throughout the year as a bedspread. Comforters are filled with down feathers or polyester filling but the coverlet has a very thin layer of cotton or no filling at all.

9. Choosing between comforter and coverlet

Choosing between a comforter and a coverlet could be difficult as both have their different features. A comforter can be used to keep you warm throughout the year and is very easy to take care of. A coverlet is also the same, with the only difference being that a coverlet is a bit thinner and may be perfect for warm nights but not great for chilled winter nights.


A comforter can start from the range of $30 to around $100. And if you purchase a comforter with extra designs and patterns, it will be more expensive.

A comforter is generally filled with polyester, wool, or down, so you can easily wash it in your washing machine. But before doing anything on your own, you must read the care instructions of the comforter.

Before buying a comforter from a particular place, try to understand the particular department store's warranty and refund policies.

2) Coverlet

As coverlets are thinner than a comforter, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are cheaper than them. A coverlet can cost you a minimum of $25 to $40. But the prices may get high or low depending on the size of the coverlet.

The best thing about coverlets is they are easy to maintain. They can be washed at home without any issue. But if you have a larger coverlet not fitting in your machine, try reading the care tag first before washing or drying the coverlet.

Like the comforter, the warranty of the coverlet depends upon the store's policy. Before buying it, take a look at the warranty policy of the coverlet.

10. FAQs about comforters

1) Are the comforter sets expensive?

A comforter set is more expensive than a single comforter. The comforter can be very helpful in decorating your room. But if you buy comforter, shams, and coverlet differently, it will cost you more money. And even it will take time to find matching pieces of them. So, better buy it together to save money and time.

2) What type of filling is used in the comforter?

Comforters usually have polyester fillings. But it also has cotton and wool fillings. Cotton fillings are suitable for summer, whereas wool filling comforters are perfect for winter

3) What does a comforter set include?

Comforter sets offer a different number of items. But mostly all comforters have a comforter, shams, and coverlet.

4) How to maximize the life of the comforter?

To maximize the life of a comforter, follow these guidelines- avoid lying on your comforter. Do not jump on your comforter. Always protect your comforter with a cover.

5) How to choose a comforter shell fabric?

There can be different types of comforter shell fabrics, such as cotton percale, cotton sateen, cotton cambric, and organic cotton.

6) Are the comforter sets as high quality as bedding purchased separately?

Comforter sets may vary in quality, just like any other bedding. So, when you are shopping for comforter sets, make sure to read about the product specifications. Look closely at the materials of the comforter sets and also read the online customer reviews.


Level Up Your Bed with A Reversible King Comforter-PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set

Hope this blog will help you know better about reversible comforter. If you are looking for a warm reversible king comforter for the coming winter season, then please do not miss the PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set mentioned above. Besides the buttery soft touch and 3D hypoallergenic filling, it is all eco-friendly and can be recycled by PeaceNest Sustainability Project. 

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