Things You Should Know Before Buying A Faux Fur Reversible Comforter

What can be more precious than a good night’s sleep after a long hectic day? But unfortunately, many of us are not so privileged to enjoy a comfortable sleep at night. One of the main reasons why we cannot have a comfortable and relaxing sleep at night is the wrong choice of bedding items. Each one of us is unique and our requirements are also unique. If one person continuously sweats during sleep, he or she would need a different kind of bedding than the person who cannot sleep at night because he or she feels cold even in moderate weather conditions. Bedding items are made with different kinds of materials. Moreover, bedding items are also of various types. One of the most chosen bedding people use throughout the year is the comforter.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Faux Fur Reversible Comforter-faux fur reversible comforter

A faux fur reversible comforter can be a stunning addition to any bedroom. Choosing the suitable material and color for a comforter not only helps us get a relaxing sleep at night but also enhances the look and feel of that space. A comforter comes with a perfect mix of warmth and lightness. Moreover, reversible comforter sets give us additional benefits. You will get two different colors or patterns on the same comforter when you buy a faux fur reversible comforter.

1. Benefits of using reversible comforters

Having a reversible comforter in your bedroom gives you multiple benefits:

  • Comforters consist of two layers of fabric with insulation filling in between so, they keep you warm and comfortable during winters.
  • Comforters made with natural and breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, bamboo, etc., and having down as a filling material are suitable for hot sleepers. Comforters can absorb sweat and keep the users cool at night.
  • Comforters are easy to maintain.
  • Reversible comforters are cost-effective.  You spend money once and get two different prints or colors on the single comforter. So, you can use it interchangeably.
  • A rightly-chosen reversible comforter adds an oomph factor to any bedroom décor.
Things You Should Know Before Buying A Faux Fur Reversible Comforter- PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Reversible Down Alternative Comforter Set

As the photo shows, it is PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set, which is covered by velvet fabric on one side, and lamb velvet on the other side, filled with 3D microfiber, providing exceptional comfort and cloud-like softness, contributing to a better sleep experience. 

2. Types of comforter materials

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Faux Fur Reversible Comforter-Types of comforter materials

A reversible comforter is an excellent bedding item for all seasons. A comforter can be sold separately or as a set. The set comprises of comforter, comforter cover, pillowcases, shams, and bed skirt. A reversible comforter is commonly made of these materials.

Cotton reversible comforters:

It is a versatile fiber that can be used in all weather. It is a hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable fabric.

Bamboo reversible comforters:

it is lightweight and breathable. These are hypoallergenic and are best for allergy-prone people. A bamboo comforter has a cooling property, so it can be used for all seasons.

Faux suede reversible comforters:

These comforters are made with synthetic fibers. They are hypoallergenic and are good for all seasons. They have a touchable and smooth surface.

Silk reversible comforters:

It is another natural fabric that is hypoallergenic and breathable. Silk comforters are good absorbers of moisture and heat and can be used in all types of weather conditions. They also have a luxurious look.

Faux fur reversible comforters:

A faux fur reversible comforter is soft, warm, and luxurious. It looks like a real-fur comforter but is manufactured with synthetic materials. Such comforters are machine washable and highly durable.

Microfiber reversible comforters:

A reversible microfiber comforter is hypoallergenic and soft on the skin. They are lightweight and machine washable.                                          

Wool reversible comforters:

It is a natural fabric. So, reversible wool comforters are good for a cozy and restful sleep. Wool is durable and helps in regulating our body temperature during sleep.

Flannel reversible comforters:

A reversible flannel comforter gives optimal warmth and coziness. It is washing washable and comes in attractive styles and colors.

Fleece reversible comforters:

A reversible fleece comforter is soft as wool but is more breathable. It is suitable for all seasons. It is machine washable and is a good alternative for down comforters.

Down reversible comforters:

The down reversible comforters are luxurious, warm, and fluffy comforters. They are highly breathable and lightweight. But, they can trap dust and other allergens easily. Thus, they are not suitable for allergy-prone people.

3. What is Faux Fur?

With so many types of comforters in the market, it becomes a challenging task to select the right one. A comforter must be chosen based on your requirement, preference, and the décor of your bedroom. You would not want any bedding item in your bedroom that does not complement your bedroom space. Additionally, you would also not want any such bedding in your bedroom that offers minimal functionalities. Buying a faux fur reversible comforter is value for your money. Like other comforters, faux fur comforters are also of different types. So, you must know about faux fur fabric and its types to choose the best comforter for your bedroom.

Faux fur fabric is also popularly called artificial fur, fake fur, or mock fur. Natural fur is obtained from different animals, such as rabbits, foxes, beavers, mink, weasel, etc. Faux fur is made with synthetic fibers. When it comes to adding a chic look and creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, no other comforter can beat a faux fur reversible comforter.  Faux fur is not only a preferred fabric for bedding items, but it has become an indispensable fabric for the fashion world. As more people have started caring about the environment, they are standing against animal cruelty. This has made the faux fur fabric one of the most popular fabrics in recent times.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Faux Fur Reversible Comforter-What is a Faux Fur

3.1 Types of faux fur

Faux fur is artificially created fur to imitate real fur; they are given the look and feel of that animal. The most popular types of fur in the market are-

  • Faux rabbit
  • Faux sheepskin
  • Faux Sherpa
  • Faux shearling
  • Faux fox

The luxury faux furs available in the market are:

  • Lynx faux fur
  • Mink faux fur
  • Chinchilla faux fur
  • Leopard faux fur
  • Beaver faux fur

Some of the offbeat faux fur is:

  • Wolf faux fur
  • Bear faux fur
  • Husky faux fur

Each type of synthetic or faux fur has a distinct pile. The pile of aux furs varies in softness and length. The pile of faux fur also varies depending on the nap, which is the direction of the leaning of the pile. When a faux fur reversible comforter is made, it is very important to consider the nap for cutting and sewing the comforter.

The types of pile of a faux fur are:

  • Long pile faux fur
  • Medium pile faux fur
  • Short or low pile faux fur

3.2 Faux fur versus real fur

There are a few ways to distinguish between faux fur and real fur fabrics.

The base of the fabric: The natural fur will have hairs attached to the leather base, but the faux fur comes with a knitted or woven base.

Touch of the fabric: Real fur is very smooth to touch. It gives a denser feel than faux fur. The faux fur fabric is coarse.

A pin test: If you stick a pin on the fabric and it goes through quickly, it is faux fur because it has a knitted base. A pin cannot easily go through the leather base of real fur.

3.3 How to take care of your faux fur reversible comforter?

A faux fur reversible comforter is a wise investment. Though it is easy to clean and highly durable, improper maintenance of a faux fur comforter may damage its fibers. You must take proper care of your faux fur reversible comforter.

  • You should store your faux fur comforter in a dry place.  It is better not to use these comforters on a rainy day.
  • Keep the faux fur comforter in a breathable bag. If the bag does not have enough space to keep your faux fur comforter, it can flatten the fabric and ruin its look.
  • You should not keep your faux fur comforter directly under the sun. It may ruin the fabric and discolor it.
  • Brush your faux fur fabric with a soft brush once a week so that your comforter maintains its shine and all debris is removed from it.

3.4  Faux fur versus sherpa lining

Many people may confuse a faux fur reversible comforter with a Sherpa lining comforter but there are differences between them. The faux fur fabric has a smoother texture. Both fabrics are made from synthetic materials, but they have different processing.

3.5 Colors of faux fur

 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Faux Fur Reversible Comforter-Colors of faux fur

For those who are looking for a perfect solution for warmth and comfort on the bed, faux fur reversible comforter with authentic-looking colors and patterns with animal features is the best solution. You can get these faux fur comforters in different colors, such as Black Panther, Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, White Polar Bear, Golden Fox, Pink Flamingo, etc. These comforters are made with synthetic materials inspired by the look and feel of natural fur.  When you are planning to buy a new faux fur reversible comforter for your bedroom, you should also consider your bedroom décor and color so that they complement well. For example, for a bedroom painted in white, off-white, sage green or light blue, a silver shaggy faux fur four piece reversible comforter set can be perfect bedding. The silver color goes well with many other colors and brings an elegant and classy look to a space without being loud.

 A faux fur comforter is must-have bedding for the winter months if you want extra warmth and coziness. The faux colors signify different animal personalities.

  • The grey wolf faux fur color represents ambition, care, and intelligence
  • The Golden Fox fake fur color represents active and energetic
  • The White Polar Bear faux fur represents strength, abundance, appreciation, and nurture
  • The Pink Flamingo faux fur represents rebirth, hope, and renewal
  • The Brown Bear faux fur symbolizes nobility, protection, courage, strength, and patience
  • The Black Panther faux fur represents magic, beauty, protection, and grace.

4. Pros and cons of a faux fur reversible comforter

You may have a particular liking for fur comforters, but they have certain drawbacks. They are expensive and not very easy to maintain. Additionally, you would not like to be cruel to the animals to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Buying a faux fur reversible comforter is a good alternative for fur comforters. They give you the aesthetics of fur minus their drawbacks.

4.1 Pros of a faux fur reversible comforter

Easy to clean: Many people prefer to buy a reversible faux fur comforter because it is easy to clean. Unlike faux fur, natural fur bedding has to be stored in a special storage place in critical seasons to avoid any damage. Fur is a delicate material, and keeping them in special storage places is time-consuming and expensive. You cannot clean natural fur items at home, unlike a faux fur reversible comforter.

Affordable:  The faux fur comforters are cheaper than the real fur ones. If you want the feel and look of real fur in your comforter but at a lower price, it is better to opt for a faux fur comforter.

Durable: You can use a reversible faux fur comforter regularly. Regular use of faux fur comforters does not damage them quickly as they are made with synthetic materials. But, you have to be careful when using a comforter made with natural fur. If stained, you can clean a faux fur comforter easily, and it will last for longer.

Cruelty-free: With more people standing against animal cruelty, the faux fur reversible comforter is getting popular. As faux fur fabric is made by knitting or weaving different types of synthetic materials, it is the best choice if you are against animal cruelty.

Comfortable: Faux fur fabric is very comfortable. They are fluffy and smooth. They keep your body warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. So, you can use a faux fur reversible comforter in any season. There is no need to buy different types of comforters to beat the extremities of the weather.

Hypoallergenic: Allergy-prone people may find it uncomfortable to use comforters made with real furs. Natural furs can aggravate their allergic symptoms. On the contrary, faux fur is an ideal fabric for allergy-prone people. It is made with synthetic materials, so it does not trigger allergic reactions.

4.2 Cons of a faux fur reversible comforter

A faux fur reversible comforter has some disadvantages.

  • The texture is slightly coarser than the real fur.
  • It has functional disadvantages. A faux fur is not resistant to frost. It cannot give sufficient warmth. So, it cannot be used during skiing, mountain climbing, or hiking in extreme weather conditions.
  • A faux fur reversible comforter is made with synthetic materials. So, they are not environment-friendly. Faux fur fabric is not bio-degradable as real fur.

5. FAQs about a faux fur reversible comforter

5.1 What is a reversible comforter?

A reversible comforter is one where two sides of the fabric have different colors or patterns. It is like having two different comforters in one.

5.2 What is faux fur fabric?

A faux fur is a knitted synthetic fabric made from a combination of polyester and acrylic fabrics. A faux fur fabric can also be made using other techniques, such as tufting and weaving. Faux fur is also called fake or artificial fur. It is manufactured to replicate the appearance of an animal’s fur.

5.3 Can we wash a faux fur reversible comforter at home?

Yes, you can wash your faux fur reversible comforter at home. You can put it in the washing machine and use mild detergent and cold water for washing. You should use the least spinning for washing a faux fur comforter.

6. Conclusion

Comforters primarily help us get a comfortable and relaxing sleep. When buying a reversible comforter for your bedroom, you have to consider specific points. The fill type, outer fabric, fill power, thread count, and size are some of the important factors to consider before buying a comforter. One of the reversible comforter types that are getting increasingly popular is the faux fur reversible comforter. A faux fur comforter is not like a regular comforter so it will need a certain level of research. After going through this article, you will be able to choose the right faux fur reversible comforter for your bedroom. Investing in a faux fur comforter is wise as it will make your bed cozier and also elevate the look of your space.  With a faux fur comforter, you can enjoy the same level of warmth and coziness as you can have in a real fur comforter. But, using faux fur gives added satisfaction that you haven’t harmed any animal to keep yourself comfortable and warm. However, if you’d like more warmth,  PeaceNest 3-Piece Plush to Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set won’t let you down for the coming winter season.

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