Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies?

The modern ways of living in the current times often encourage significant variations in peoples’ dietary routines and allied aspects of everyday lifestyle, leading to a diverse range of health issues. While the increased levels of environmental contamination do have an important role here, the result is eventually discouraging. Moving along the line, allergies come up as annoying distress. Among their various types, allergies to the skin and respiratory tend to cause a greater impact on regular activities, along with hampering a peaceful sleep at night. With a bamboo pillow, allergy symptoms can be relieved to a great extent.

Talking of the potential inconveniences, allergies to the respiratory system cause breathing difficulties, while that of the skin and eyes put forward the discomfort of rashes, redness, and irritation. As for the underlying reasons, there may be many, including the bedding accessories you crawl in to rest and relax during the night. If you have lately identified such a problem, maybe it's time for a replacement. When looking forward to bringing home a new set of pillows for your bedding arrangement, bamboo pillows can be a healthy and eco-friendly choice.

Crafted from naturally occurring bamboo cellulose fibers, these pillows are mostly woven into shredded memory foam filling. Thanks to the hypoallergenic properties of both the fabrication elements, bamboo pillows are highly resistant to most allergy-causing agents. However, some people can be allergic to bamboo pillow. Their natural ability to wick away moisture further prevents fluidic allergens to creep in, thus assuring you of a clean and fresh sleeping surface.

1. How Pillows Cause Allergies?

As mentioned above, bedding accessories can be among the potential causes of the allergic discomforts encountered by your skin and respiratory system. Stating some of the commonest reasons, the pillow fabrics can be the favorite dwelling spaces of a variety of allergy-causing agents, like dust mites, molds, and micro-organisms. Ahead of these, if you are sleeping on a headrest that tends to retain moisture, this can be a welcoming invitation for a host of moisture-thriving bacteria and microbes that thrive in fluidic environments.

Apart from the pillow fabric, the inside stuffing also assists in infectious microbial dwellings on account of its permeable nature and the capacity to soak in sweat and other body fluids. This works to leave oddly smelling stains on the pillow surface, rendering it open to skin allergies and allied issues. Adding on, the extraneous chemical fabrication processes and synthetic materialization also tend to make the pillow stuffing and fabric, a cause of discomfort for people with sensitive skin and specific material allergies.

2. How Bamboo Pillows Avoid the Allergies?

When out for replacing your regular bolsters with a new pair of head supports, bringing in a set of bamboo pillows can be a feasible option to complement your bedding spaces with class and style, along with keeping you safe against microbial allergies and infections. The naturally available and eco-friendly bamboo fiber extracts coupled with finely processed memory foam filling infuse a series of properties in these pillows that make the latter extremely gentle on your skin. Though these pillows are the best for skin and prevent any infection, bamboo pillow allergy is also faced by many. So, you first need to know can you be allergic to bamboo pillows.

Moving ahead to sort the concern of are bamboo pillows good for allergies, let us have a closer look at each of these properties in some detail:

Bamboo Fabric Is Naturally Hypoallergenic

The natural bamboo cellulose fibers possess the inherent characteristics of being effectively resistant to allergens, bacteria, and microbes. Since the bamboo pillow fabric is crafted from the aforesaid raw fibers, the hypoallergenic properties are genuinely infused in these bolsters. An inclusion of bamboo headrests in your bedding spaces, therefore, assures you of a skin-friendly and anti-allergic surface to sleep on.

Bamboo Pillow Is Washable

These pillows come to you with removable bamboo fabric covers that are conveniently machine washable in a gentle cycle with cold water, and mild detergent solution. The pillows, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with a quick hand squeeze. The easy-clean advantages make the pillow surface hygienic and fresh, thus preventing the harboring of dust mites, molds, etc. you can hence, rest assured of air-borne skin allergies.

Impermeable Memory Foam Filling

The stuffing of bamboo pillows comprises high-density memory foam filling, which acts nearly impermeable to the microscopic, allergy-causing bacteria and allied creatures. The memory foam additionally, wicks away the moisture encountered from sweat and other body fluids. This works to restrict the dwelling and growth of moisture thriving allergens, keeping you safe from infections and sensitiveness caused by these micro-organisms.

3. 7 Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillows for Allergies

If you have decided on styling your bedroom interiors with anti-allergic bamboo pillows, listed below are some of the best options to choose from:

(1)PeaceNest Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow (Set of 2)

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-PeaceNest Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow (Set of 2)

Price: $ 34.90

Key Features

The viscose bamboo fiber covering of these pillows is naturally hypoallergenic, with a soft and breathable surface, rendering you a comfortable and supportive headrest to lie down and relax.

The natural bamboo fabric keeps these bolsters cool, fresh, and free from stains by wicking away moisture. These pillows additionally, don’t retain sweat and body fluids and are compatible with a gentle machine wash.

The stylish weaving and classy appearance of these pillows make your bedding spaces spark up with elegance and coziness at the same time.

Consumer Reviews

This pair of PeaceNest organic bamboo pillows is a wholesome bedding accessory to sleep in comfort and composure. The bolsters are fluffy, long-lasting, and have a silky texture with a feathery finish. Bring home a pair of these headrests to enjoy a happy and refreshing sleep.

(2)ViaDante Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Price: $ 39.90

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-ViaDante Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Key Features

Being a revolution in the realm of naturally crafted pillows, these bolsters comprise bamboo fabrication in the pillowcases as well as the filling. Owing to the fact, ViaDante Luxury Bamboo Pillows are naturally comfortable and hypoallergenic.

Moving ahead of your sleeping posture and position, the adjustable nature of these pillows lets you customize the loft and firmness through a zipper arrangement and extra bamboo filling. You can easily add or remove the filling, as and when desired.

The ergonomic design of these pillows renders them favorable for sufferers of neck and back pain by ensuring complete support and perfect spinal alignment.

The pillow fabric is resistant to stains and color bleeding, which renders easy maintenance and high durability, sparing you from the hustle of heavy washing and frequent replacement.

Consumer Reviews

ViaDante Luxury Bamboo Pillows are a refreshing accessory for your sleeping spaces that promise to keep you cool and comfortable all through the night. Catering complete body support, these natural pillow alternatives are best suited to victims of chronic neck and back pain, or shoulder and headaches.

(3)Multu Home Goods Luxury Bamboo Pillow for Sleeping

Price: $ 53.99

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-Multu Home Goods Luxury Bamboo Pillow for Sleeping

Key Features

Crafted with viscose bamboo rayon fabric for the pillowcases and spun into a memory foam filling, the aforesaid range of head supports invites you for a comfortable and cozy sleep on an allergy and infection-free surface.

The gel-infused, cross-cut memory foam filling further ensures an increased airflow, thus keeping the pillow surface cool and breathable. The soft material and no-shift design additionally prevent clumping and lump formation.

These pillows are customizable according to the required loft and firmness that suits a diversity of sleeping postures. The adjustable design caters to edge-to-edge support that relieves neck and back pains.

The removable bamboo covers and zipped-in pillows are compatible with a cold water machine wash. This renders to keep the head supports, clean, fresh, and free from oddly smelling stains.

Consumer Reviews

The aforesaid range of luxury bamboo bed pillows is a great choice for chronic pain sufferers and sensitive skin sleepers. Imbibing a wholesome comfort in almost any sleeping posture, a set of these pillows on your bed can work well for the most diverse and specific sleeping needs.

(4)Brijo Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Price: $ 39.95

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-Brijo Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Key Features

The bamboo microfiber fabrication of the pillowcases, along with a high-density, 100% shredded memory foam filling makes these pillows highly resistant to dust mites, molds, and allergy-causing micro-organisms.

The stranded filling arrangement makes the pillow surfaces cool and breathable by increasing the flow of oxygen. This further caters to a malleable firmness, that concords with the curves of your body, ahead of the sleeping position.

These adjustable pillows help to alleviate neck and back pain by maintaining a proper alignment of these body parts with the spine. You can thus, enjoy a comfortable and cozy sleep without the distress of tossing and turning around.

Providing a raised support to your head and neck, these pillows help to curb the snoring discomfort by keeping the tongue from falling back to the throat tissue lining.

Consumer Reviews

The Brijo Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillows are a good choice when looking forward to bringing home a supportive pair of headrests for cutting down on the issues of back and neck pain while enjoying a cool up and comfortable night’s rest.

(5)NTCOCO Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Price: $ 59.99

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-NTCOCO Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Key Features

The aforesaid pillow range renders a soft, breathable, and dry resting surface on account of the natural, hybrid bamboo fiber on the pillowcases.

The high-density and premium quality broken memory foam filling work to keep away the allergy-causing microbes and bacteria and also ensures a high resilience factor.

The adjustable design of these pillows makes them fit for any sleeping position you like to crawl in for a comfortable and undisturbed snooze.

The bamboo cover and zipped-in material filling can be removed and the pillow fabric can be subjected to a low temperature, gentle machine wash.

Consumer Reviews

The aforesaid pair of pillows caters to a comforting and breathable sleeping surface while rendering a feathery feel through its naturally cool and lightweight fabric. With these pillows on your bed, you can avail maximum comfort in the weirdest sleeping positions.

(6)Comfysleep Bamboo Pillows for Sleeping

Price: $ 59.99

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-Comfysleep Bamboo Pillows for Sleeping

Key Features

The bamboo fiber-based pillow cover material makes these bolsters naturally hypoallergenic and good for all-season comfort. The bamboo fabric keeps you warm during winters and cool during summers.

The shredded memory foam filling does not allow the pillows to go flat while making sure that your body gets enough firmness and support with a perfect spinal alignment.

These pillows are adjustable according to the height and curvature of your body, thus conforming to your specific sleeping posture.

These head supports are fit to be used by young and adult sleepers, and provide a snuggly and hugging comfort to kids through their soft and silky fabric.

Consumer Reviews

The Comfysleep range of bamboo pillows is a feasible accessory for your bedding spaces, considering the comfortable and uninterrupted sleeping requirements. Bring home these feathery bolsters for a baby-like sleeping experience.

(7)Qutool Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Price: $ 49.99

Are Bamboo Pillows Safe for Allergies-Qutool Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Key Features

The natural bamboo fiber pillowcases render a hypoallergenic and breathable characteristic to these pillows that wards off microbes by wicking away the moisture content.

The shredded memory foam filling of these pillows incorporates thermo-regulating properties via a cooling get that keeps you cool through the night.

The high-density filling extends maximum support to the body in all sleeping positions by adapting to the latter’s shape and sleeping posture.

The ergonomic design caters the maximum comfort while keeping your upper body elevated in the right position.

Consumer Reviews

The Qutool range of shredded memory foam pillows is a viable bolster alternative for temperature and skin-sensitive sleepers. Say NO to groggy mid-sleep disturbances with these greatly comfortable pillow alternatives.

4. Conclusion

Bamboo pillows are a great way to bring home a comfortable and eco-friendly sleeping experience. If you are worried about bamboo pillow allergic reaction, drop them instantly, as these are a completely safe and hypoallergenic variant of head supports. You can surely land into them for the coziest sleeping experience ever!

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