What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillows?

The conformity of sleeping habits with the routine aspects of your physical and mental health is long known and accepted fact. Ahead of relaxing the body, your sleeping preferences have a lot to do with the natural well-being of your system. In the light of the aforesaid fact, it is a valuable inference that the elements of your bedroom interiors and sleeping spaces should be chosen with enough concern and wisdom. Talking along the line, it is a common habit to neglect the significance of a good and comfortable bed pillow when purchasing your bedding accessories, since the comforters and sheets grab all the attention. Choosing a comfortable pillow is not easy, especially in modern life where market trends are changing rapidly and new products are coming out every once in a while. For example, bamboo bed pillows are the most popular one recently.

It is however, quite necessary to devote considerable time and thought before picking head support to complement you’re bedding spaces. The obvious reason behind such a preference is the comfort and support that a good pillow can provide to your body when you land in to retire from a packed up and tiring schedule throughout the day. Sleeping on a cozy and conformed pillow surface lets your body relax, while dissipating away from the stress and anxiety, as you doze off in a deep and undisturbed slumber.

Maintaining the body in a correct posture, and ensuring a perfect alignment of your head, neck and shoulder with the spine, the right pillow makes sure that your body encounters minimal turning and tossing in bed. An ideal pillow makes you feel fresh and light, inviting you for a deep and comfy night’s rest, so that you can welcome the new day with energy and enthusiasm. Adding on to the credibility of a feasible bolster alternative, the latter helps to alleviate issues of regular and chronic ailments of the neck and back, thus providing significant health benefits.

1. Common Types of Bed Pillows

As already stated, purchasing the right pillow for your bedding arrangement is a matter of great concern and importance; owing to the diverse effects it can have on your sleep and health. When out in the home décor market to bring in a pair of head supports for a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience, you will have a pool of choices at your disposal. However, there are some specific types of pillow alternatives that suit different preferences. Selecting the perfect bed pillow in line with your explicit set of sleeping needs is therefore, a choice that should be made with caution.

To ease out the selection complexity, there are some commonly available categories of bed bolsters that you can have a look at before picking the best one for yourself. Moving along the line, here’s a discussion on the major classes of pillows with their characteristic features in what follows next:

Bamboo Bed  Pillow

Bamboo bed pillows are a highly preferred sleeping accessory, thanks to the eco-friendly characteristic that comes from the natural fiber extracts used in the pillow fabrication process. Possessing excellent posture conformity, these pillows cater to you with the most comfortable and body-supportive sleeping experience. These pillows have a series of advantages, like being hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and body aligning that suits best to hot sleepers and sufferers of chronic pains.

What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillows?-PeaceNest Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow

For example, this set of Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow (Set of 2) from PeaceNest has been very popular recently because of the high quality sleeping experience it can provide. Besides the advantages we mentioned above, the high-quality, bamboo-derived rayon fabric can eliminate moisture and odor in seconds, keeping dry and clean all night long!

Let's come back to the regular bamboo pillows. These pillows, though possessing the capability to adjust to the different body shapes, may take considerable time to work through the process. This affordably means that you may not see notable results in bringing down the health discomforts until a consistent usage for quite some time.

Down Pillow

These pillow alternatives enjoy the dignity of being the most popular and preferred bedding accessories, thanks to the wide range of benefits they extend to the users. The best thing about these pillows is that they are conveniently moldable according to the specific body shapes and sleeping postures of the users.

Providing the perfect support and comfort to lightweight sleepers, these pillows are best suited for children and adults who prefer sleeping with head support. A major downside of these pillows is however, a lack of requisite firmness that renders them unfit for use by victims of chronic muscle aches, like back and neck pain.

Down Alternative Pillow

Down alternative pillows are more often regarded as inexpensive alternatives to a conventional down pillow. Comprising a cotton or polyester filling, these pillows are greatly preferred on account of their hypoallergenic characteristics. An additional appeal of using these pillows is their ability to dissipate heat and maintain an affordable body temperature. This feature of down pillows makes them the best choice for skin and temperature-sensitive sleepers.

Surprisingly, this Soft Down Alternative Pillow from PeaceNest features the same softness and fluffiness as the down bed pillows, allowing you to enjoy a perfect combination of soft density and medium loft.

What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillows?- PeaceNest Soft Down Alternative Pillow

A crucial disadvantage of down alternative pillows is their tendency to wear out and form lumps with consistent usage. These head supports are further, non-malleable and hence, do not possess the ability to retain their shape.

Feather Pillow

Feather pillows are a luxurious and comfortable accessory to complement your bedding spaces. If you enjoy a good night’s rest when sleeping on your stomach, these pillows are the best head supports you can ever get. These bolsters can conform to the shape and sleeping posture of your body, extending the maximum support. The lightweight, soft and easy maintenance characteristics make these pillows a popular headrest alternative.

What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillows?-Feather Pillow

These pillows are however, fabricated from synthetically processed materials, and are therefore susceptible to carrying chemical odors. If you are prone to feather allergies or neck pain, these pillows may aggravate the problem due to chemical fabrication and non-malleable design respectively.

Cotton Pillow

Crafted from naturally processed cotton fabric, cotton pillows are wholesome and the most generously preferred bedding accessories. Possessing a series of usage benefits, these head supports are conveniently suitable for almost all kinds of sleepers with the most diverse relaxation requirements. While the naturally absorbent cotton fabric does not allow body fluids to stay back, the malleable design provides a great deal of comfort and support.

Cotton bolsters are further, non-smelly and easily washable. A potential disadvantage of these pillows is however, their inability to maintain posture conformation and lesser durability. Also, they require frequent cleaning to cater long term usage.

Latex Pillow

Fabricated from naturally harvested rubber, these pillows are hypoallergenic and moisture resistant. Latex pillows don’t facilitate the dwelling of dust molds, bed bugs and mites on their surfaces and are long-lasting, non-toxic, flame resistant, biodegradable and free from chemically processed materials. The firm pillow surface of these bolsters gives you a cushioned surface to rest on.

What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillows?-Latex Pillow

Owing to the above, these pillows are a smart pick for sleepers with allergy sensitiveness and chronic pains. The only disadvantage of these pillows is their high-cost ranges, but that can be reasoned on the eco-friendly aspect.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are characterized by the inclusion of minute pieces of chemically processed memory foam that work best to provide an extended level of comfort and support to your body while you sleep. The major advantage of such a pillow alternative is its firmness and malleability which caters to better sleeping postures. Aligning your body in perfect accord with the head and spine; these pillows aid best to cure chronic pain issues.

The fact that these pillows involve a chemical fabrication however cannot be ignored, which renders a strong chemical odor to the surfaces of these bolsters. It is therefore strongly recommended to wash these pillows after a new purchase before being put to use.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Shredded memory foam pillows are essentially memory foam alternatives with a stranded weaving of the filling material. Sleeping on a pillow with a shredded filling arrangement caters to increased airflow, thus ensuring better breathability in comparison to the conventional memory foam stuffing. Such pillows promote heat dissipation, while keeping your sleeping zone cool and fresh.

Best for temperature and skin sensitive sleepers, these skin-sensitive pillows ensure posture conformity and possess non-toxic anti-allergic characteristics. A major downside of these pillows is the chemical off-gassing that is a consequence of synthetic processing, leading to displeasing odors.

2. What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillow?

Talking with special reference to the credibility of bamboo bed pillows, there are hoards of benefiting aspects to look at. A few of the major appeals of the same are discussed in what follows next:

Antimicrobial Properties

The naturally available bamboo fibers are known to possess anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that get infused into the bolsters manufactured from the raw cellulose fibers of bamboo trees. These fibers are additionally, moisture-wicking and hence do not allow moisture-thriving bacteria and micro-organisms to dwell on the pillow surface.

The dense memory foam filling of these pillows further assists to keep the microscopic bacteria away, since the latter cannot cross the almost impermeable stuffing barrier to dwell on the skin-pillow contact surface.

Hypoallergenic Properties

The hypoallergenic properties are again credited to the naturally occulting bamboo fiber material. The anti-allergic characteristics of these pillows keep a check on the accumulation of dust mites, molds and other allergy causing agents on the pillow surface. The moisture wicking ability also works to prevent the seeping in of sweat and body fluids, lest they may render a smelly and stained pillow surface, harboring allergen growth.

The aforesaid characteristics tend to keep the pillow surface fresh and clean ahead of long term and consistent usage, while making bed and brand bamboo pillow a welcome alternative for sleepers with sensitive and allergy prone skin types.

Moisture Absorber

These naturally crafted pillow alternatives come with an inherent capability to absorb the moisture content of the body, thus keeping you cool and sweat free throughout the night. Being particularly advantageous to hot sleepers, the moisture absorbing characteristic helps them to enjoy a cool and comfortable sleeping experience, ahead of the heated up and groggy discomfort.

The moisture absorbing capacity of bamboo pillows further restricts the dwelling and growth of moisture-loving microbes on the pillow surface. This proves greatly helpful in keeping the bolsters free from pungent odors and moisture-laden, sweaty stains, especially during the hot summers.

Stays Cool Throughout the Night

The shredded memory foam filling provides increased air circulation, which aids to keep the bamboo pillows naturally cool and fresh. The filling further, comes with a cooling, thermal or state changing gel that maintains your body temperature within affordable limits when the surrounding temperature rises.

What Is Special About Bamboo Bed Pillows?-Stays Cool Throughout the Night

The comforting and soft fiber caters to you with a fresh and cool pillow surface to relax upon. The moisture-wicking properties again come to play here and aid in keeping these bolsters clean, cool and inviting to land in the coziest slumber ever!

Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to the naturally occurring bamboo fiber material, the essence of bamboo knit bed pillow is welcoming to the environment. The fabrication materials are biodegradable and can be recycled, which caters to keeping a check on large-scale deforestation. The high degree of sustainability and long-lasting usage credibility can work towards making bamboo head supports a promising replacement for conventional textile pillow alternatives.

The organically crafted bamboo fiber pillows work to style your home and bedding spaces with an element of nature-centric design. These eco-friendly pillows are further, good for and appealing to your skin, while being a safe and natural hideout for a comfy sleeping experience.

Helps in Reducing Snoring

Snoring is annoying sleeping distress that can be a potential alarm to more serious health conditions. When looking for remedies to curb the issue, replacing your traditional head supports with bamboo pillows can be a smart decision. The bamboo pillow top bed alternative works to keep your head and neck in a raised posture, preventing the tongue to fall back in the throat tissue lining.

Such an arrangement widens the air paths within these delicate spaces, while increasing the flow of oxygen that helps you to breathe better. The snoring discomfort thus, slowly subsides with consistent usage.

3. Conclusion

The essence of bamboo bed pillow is primarily devoted to delivering a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience to adverse range of users, ahead of their specific sleeping needs and preferences. Bamboo pillows are a naturally benefitting bedding accessory that caters to a decent variety of health and environmental merits at your disposal. Bringing them home is therefore synonymous with a cozy sleeping asset in a classing retiring space.

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