What Is An Organic Bamboo Pillow Really Made of?

Lifestyles and outlooks of society today have shifted to the new and trending concept of eco-friendly and sustainable living. As a consequence of the diversion, environmentally cohesive and naturally available products and commodities have found significant inclusions in peoples’ personal and professional surroundings. The pronounced impact is conveniently visible with organic and natural accessories becoming essential parts of home décor and bedroom interiors. Bamboo products are dedicated to adding style and elegance to your living spaces, while keeping you closer to the environment. Talking along the line, organic bamboo pillow has recently entered the preferences of environmentally conscious people for styling their bedding spaces.

As of the demarcation from conventional bolster alternatives, the aforesaid head supports comprise organic bamboo as the major fabrication material, which makes them highly suitable for comfortable and luxurious usage. Stressing a bit further on the fabrication stuff, bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires minimal irrigation. The latter has self-sufficient growth characteristics and does not need much attention amid the development process.

Mentioning significant merit, bamboo shows a natural resistance to pests and insects and is essentially self-sufficient for sustainable growth on its own. The non-inclusion of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the bamboo plantation and growth process renders the latter as being inherently organic in nature and characteristics. With least or no water requirements and higher carbon dioxide absorption rate as compared to other in-line alternatives, bamboo is regarded as a wholesome material for maintaining environmental aesthetics.

1.What is Organic Bamboo Pillow?

To begin with, let’s learn more about organic bamboo pillows through the top-rated PeaceNest Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow.

What Is An Organic Bamboo Pillow Really Made of-PeaceNest Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow


  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Bamboo-derived rayon fabric to keep you cool
  • Responsibly sourced materials are used
  • Perfect for hot sleepers

This pillow is made from high-quality, bamboo-derived rayon fabric, which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, allowing you enjoy a sound and cool sleep in hot summer. ( Learn more and shop PeaceNest Organic Bamboo Cooling Pillow.)

After learning about the high quality typical organic bamboo pillow example above, you may have a general idea about what is a organic bamboo pillow.

As already stated, organic bamboo pillows are a newly crafted bedding accessory that has earned a significant popularity in a short expanse of time. While the natural essence of these bedroom décor utilities happens to be the obvious underlying reason, other factors play a pivotal role as well in making bamboo bolsters a preference of interior décor experts. Starting with the aspect of comfort, these pillows guarantee a miracle and tranquilized sleep, thanks to their specific fabrication that keeps coziness as priority.

Next come the elements of class and style that these pillows promise to complement your bedding arrangements with. Right from the soft and plush feel to the silky texture, everything about a bamboo bed pillow speaks of elegance and luxury. In the light of the fact that these head supports cater a series of merits at our disposal, let us move ahead with looking into the general composition of bamboo pillows in some detail in what follows next:

Elaborating the aforesaid concern, a bamboo pillow essentially consists of 2 main elements, that is, the top pillow cover and the inside pillow stuffing. Taking of the specific materialization of each of them, here’s what needs to be understood in the light of the fabrication aspect:

(1)Bamboo Cover

Bamboo bolsters get their name from the bamboo fiber covering they are enclosed in. bearing the most natural, plant-derived characteristics, the organic bamboo pillow cases are crafted with the utmost care from the naturally available raw cellulose fiber extracts of the bamboo trees. These fibers are essentially obtained by crushing, treating and hardening a mixture of the bamboo trunk flesh and leaves.

The fiber mixture is then processed to produce viscose rayon, a fine material with a silky soft finish, which is finally employed to fabricate the pillowcase. The presence of bamboo fibers incorporates a series of health benefits and environmentally appealing advantages into these pillow covers. A few of the same include anti-cling and anti-static properties that cater to a smooth and flowy texture, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties that render a fresh and allergy-free surface to rest upon, and many more.

The bamboo fibers additionally possess moisture-wicking characteristics that assure you of a clean, fresh, breathable and cool sleeping surface for a cozy and comfortable night’s rest. As of the wash and care instructions; the removable bamboo covers are conveniently compatible with a gentle machine wash cycle with lukewarm water in a mild detergent solution. All in all, these extremely soft and comfortable pillow covers are guarantors of a peaceful sleep that wakes you up to an energetic morning.

(2)Filling- The Memory Foam

Coming to the inside stuffing or material filling of bamboo pillows, the latter intuitively house a memory foam filling, either in a solid or a stranded structure. While the former is addressed as normal memory foam, the latter assumes a shredded configuration. Explaining the fabrication procedure, memory foam fillings are prepared from a synthetically processed polyurethane monomer that mainly consists of long chain carbonate links.

What Is An Organic Bamboo Pillow Really Made of-Shredded Memory Foam filling

Talking of the extensive usage credibility, these are a fine quality stuffing material for sofas, mattresses and even spray foams. Ahead of these, there are some other filling alternatives also, that are sometimes used to stuff the bamboo pillows. A few of the prominent ones are bamboo, organic and synthetic cotton, latex, buckwheat, down and polyfill, etc.

Stressing explicitly on the memory foam alternatives, these come in solid and stranded variants, as stated above. While each one has some specific advantage of its own, there are some common merits shared by the two as well. Starting with the shredded memory foam, the latter is best known for its mold ability and oxygen inflow capability, which makes the filling material extensively breathable. The stranded structure induces a high degree of porosity, allowing more air enters the pillow surface.

As for the adjustability factor, the shredded arrangement allows the pillow stuffing to maintain exact conformity with the height and shape of your body. The property is meritorious in the sense that you can avail yourself the maximum comfort while sleeping in your favorite posture, ahead of the specific position constraints. Moving further, the aforesaid stuffing pattern works effectively to keep away allergens and infection-causing microbes from entering the pillow surface on account of its nearly impermeable characteristic.

Moving to the solid memory foam alternative, these are excellent in catering enough body support and firmness to maintain the proper elevation of your upper body while you enjoy a quiet and peaceful slumber. These fillings are fluffy and firm to extend enough support to the head, neck and shoulders, while aligning them perfectly to the spine. This works great to curb the issues of chronic ailments and pains in these areas. The memory foam fillings are however, have a smaller degree of moldability in comparison to their shredded counterparts.

The bottom line is that both the filling alternatives are excellent in their ways of catering a high-end sleeping comfort. You can safely prefer any one of them for the regular sleeping requirements to doze off in heaven of tranquility.

2.Frequently Asked Questions

(1)Are bamboo pillows environmentally friendly?

Fabricated from naturally available raw cellulose fiber extracts of the bamboo plant, the organic bamboo memory foam pillow alternatives are inherently cohesive with the environment. The natural bamboo fibers are free from chemical additives and pesticides, since the bamboo plant is naturally resistant to pests and insects. The pillow fabrics woven with these naturally derived materials are therefore, biodegradable and can be easily recycled.

Talking of environmental sustainability, the bamboo tree shows noticeably fast growth in comparison to other plantation alternatives. Combining this factor with the natural fabrication ability, the bamboo plant fibers can be feasible alternatives to replace the conventional raw materials to manufacture textiles. This can further help to cut down on the large-scale deforestation activities.

(2)Are bamboo pillows hypoallergenic?

Fibers of the bamboo plant are known to naturally possess hypoallergenic characteristics. Crafted from the latter’s raw cellulose extracts, the anti-allergic properties are inherent to the bamboo bolsters. These pillows are intuitively resistant to allergy-causing micro-organisms and do not allow these creatures to dwell on the pillow-skin contact surface. Ahead of the bamboo fibers, the shredded memory foam filling further aids to keep the allergens away from the pillow surface.

What Is An Organic Bamboo Pillow Really Made of-Hypoallergenic bamboo pillows

The shredded arrangement acts completely impermeable to these microscopic organisms and thus prevents them from thriving on the bolster surface. The bamboo fiber casing and the shredded memory foam filling thus work in unison to render a fresh and allergy-free sleeping surface. Owing to the above, these pillows are a welcome relief to those suffering from issues of allergy sensitive skin.

(3)Are bamboo pillows antimicrobial?

As far as the microbial resistivity of bamboo pillows is concerned, this is again a naturally inherited property of organic bamboo fiber fabrication. These pillows are completely anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, thus preventing the dwelling in and staying on of dust mites and molds on their surfaces. An important role in this regard is played by the moisture-wicking characteristics of these pillows.

What Is An Organic Bamboo Pillow Really Made of-Antimicrobial bamboo pillows

Bamboo fibers have a natural ability to wick away moisture, thus offering total resistance against the harboring of moisture-thriving bacteria and microbes. The pillow surface further does not permit the absorption of sweat and other body fluids over consistent and long-term usage. This works to keep the skin-pillow contact surface free from oddly smelling stains and renders a clean and hygienic surface to lie down and relax.

(4)Are bamboo pillows biodegradable?

As already stated, bamboo pillows are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable, all because of the organically available bamboo fiber extracts that are an essential element of the pillow fabrication process. Owing to the absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers within the bamboo cellulose fiber extracts, the materials and fabrics crafted from the latter are naturally biodegradable.

Another welcoming aspect of bamboo bolsters is their convenient recyclability after usage. You can therefore, move ahead to either subject them to reprocessing, or allow them to degrade naturally, so that the natural fill and integrity of the environment offered by the bamboo fibers is restored. In other words, bamboo pillows are absolutely a no-waste product at any stage.

(5)Are bamboo pillows cool?

From the natural bamboo fiber casing to the memory foam filling, every element of the organic bamboo pillows works to cater the maximum benefit to the sleepers. Concerning cooling properties in particular, the bamboo fiber material together with the shredded memory foam filling ensures enough breathability through an increased inflow of oxygen. The expansive air circulation aids to dissipate the contact surface heat, while keeping the pillow cool.

The shredded memory foam is often supplemented with a cooling, thermal or state changing gel that liquefies when the body temperature increases beyond the affordable limit. This in turn works to keep the body and the pillow surface cool throughout the night. In the light of this specific credibility, bamboo pillows are a helpful recommendation for hot sleepers, who often complain of their sleep getting disturbed due to groggy and sweaty displeasure.


Bamboo pillows are a welcome utility in the home and bedroom interiors of the environmentally conscious society of modern times. Comprising the naturally available, organic bamboo fiber extracts, woven into solid or shredded memory foam filling, these bolsters and headrests are dedicated to bringing a series of environmental and health benefits to the users’ disposal. Along with the above, these pillows are all set to imbibe a feeling of natural freshness and elegance to your bedding spaces.

As for the major appeals to bring home a pair of bamboo pillows, their natural fabrication, coupled with the hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties takes the lead. Supplementing the same, is a wholesome physical comfort, easy adjustability, soft and plush texture and cooling characteristics. Bamboo pillows are further, easy to wash and maintain, and are conveniently degradable on account of their organic nature. Deciding on having a set of these in your bedroom is hence, synonymous with landing in the most comfortable and snuggly sleeping experience ever!

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